Cambes-en-Plaine War Cemetery

Antony Howard Hollingsworth

Lieutenant | 299319

Antony Howard Hollingsworth married Hazel Lilian Kerr in Northern Ireland before his death while serving during the Battle of Normandy on 8th July 1944.

Bernard McCormick

Private | 1524125

Private Bernard McCormick of Coleraine, Co. Londonderry died on 8th July 1944 during 7th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment's time in Normandy, France.

John Patterson

Rifleman | 7020205

Rifleman John Patterson died on 9th June 1944 during fierce fighting with the Royal Ulster Rifles at Cambes-en-Plaine following the Invasion of Normandy.

Richard George Patton

Rifleman | 6979411

Rifleman Richard George Patton from Co. Armagh died of wounds inflicted on 9th June 1944 during fighting outside the village of Cambes in Normandy, France.

William John Rice

Rifleman | 7011646

Rifleman William John Rice of Belfast died on 9th June 1944 while serving with 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles at Cambes Woods in Normandy, France.