Bangor Cemetery

Albert Edward Reuben

Corporal | 7212199

Royal Army Ordnance Corps Corporal Albert Edward Reuben lived in Bangor, Co. Down at the time of his death on 10th June 1945 close to the end of the war.

Arthur James King

Aircraftman 2nd Class | 617525

Aircraftman 2nd Class Arthur James King, born in Armagh, died on 23rd April 1941 as a result of an accident while in England with the Royal Air Force.

Barry John Stubbings

Private | 5392025

Private Barry John Stubbings was only 16 years old when he died on 14th March 1942. The young English soldier's grave is in Bangor New Cemetery, Co. Down.

David Francis Apperson Hollywood


Sub-Lieutenant David Francis Apperson Hollywood of Bangor, Co. Down died on 15th September 1943 while serving in the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm.

Edward Martin

Lance Bombardier | 7047144

Lance Bombardier Edward Martin of Bangor, Co. Down died on 20th June 1945 after contracting an illness serving on a tanker off the coast of West Africa.

Ernest Watson

Sergeant | 1073521

Sergeant Ernest Watson of Bangor, Co. Down died on 15th September 1942 returning from a bombing raid over Germany wit R.A.F. 218 Squadron.

George Ellis

Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Commander George Ellis was an experieced member of the Royal Navy serving at HMS Caroline in Belfast at his time of death on 7th May 1945.

Harold Lamb

Private | 14770658

General Service Corps Private Harold Lamb died on 18th June 1944 aged 37 years old. His grave is in Section 5X of Bangor Cemetery, Bangor, Co. Down.

Herbert Reginald Megarry

Sergeant | 745111

Sergeant Herbert Reginald Megarry of Bangor, Co. Down was 20 years old when the young pilot died in an aviation accident over Oxfordshire on 18th May 1940.