Each October, we look back at World War Two Events in Northern Ireland including air crashes and the deaths of service personnel from many global nations.

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1st October

On 1st October 1943, a Royal Ulster Constabulary officer died having been shot in a robbery in Belfast, Co. Antrim. Other events occurred through wartime.

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2nd October

HMS Curacoa controversially sank to the north of Northern Ireland on 2nd October 1942 after colliding with the troop-carrying Cunard liner Queen Mary.

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3rd October

On 3rd October 1942, a total of 8 American airmen died on Slieveanorra Mountain, Co. Antrim when their B-17 Flying Fortress came down en route from Canada.

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4th October

On 4th October, we remember those from Northern Ireland who served in the Second World War and died in far flung fields from the USA to the Far East.

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5th October

On 5th October 1943, Polish Pilot Sergeant Henryk Andrzej Flegier died when Supermarine Spitfire BL922 PK-I crashed near to RAF Ballyhalbert, Co. Down.

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6th October

On 6th October 1944, a photographer from the Belfast Telegraph captured the view down Bedford Street showing a glimpse of wartime life in the City Centre.

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7th October

7th October marks the deaths of more service personnel from Northern Ireland serving in World War Two including a survivor of the Lisbon Maru hell ship.

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8th October

On 8th October 1999, Belfast City Council unveiled a long awaited memorial to James Magennis VC. On this date in 1949, Belgian nationals were repatriated.

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9th October

Supermarine Spitfire BM144, famous in the Polish RAF Squadrons, crashed near Bangor, Co. Down on 9th October 1943. Flight Sergeant Lojek survived the crash.

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10th October

On 10th October, we remember those who died not only serving at the front in World War Two but also the victim of a blackout related accident in Co. Armagh.

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11th October

On 11th October we remember the men and women of Northern Ireland who gave their lives during the Second World War across the world from Belgium to Burma.

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12th October

The Luftwaffe attacked Great Britain on 12th October 1940, dropping bombs on cities such as London and Coventry killing people from across Northern Ireland.

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13th October

On 13th October we remember those from Northern Ireland who died as tragic events unfolded in the air, on land, and in stormy seas off the English coast.

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14th October

On 14th October, we look back at the historic Ulster Grand Prix Road Races and wartime events such as the sinking by U-47 of HMS Royal Oak at Scapa Flow.

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15th October

As aerial warfare intensified in World War Two, 15th October brought the deaths of Bomber Command crew and victims of the Luftwaffe's Blitz on the UK.

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16th October

Lockheed Hudson T9328 crashed on Slieveanee Mountain, Co. Antrim on 16th October 1940 killing all 5 crew members. Of these, 3 are buried in nearby Killead.

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17th October

On 17th October, we remember those from Northern Ireland who made the supreme sacrifice on this date throughout the 6 years of the Second World War.

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18th October

On 18th October 1942 Avro Ansob N5372 crashed near Ballycastle, Co. Antrim causing the death of a leading Polish Airman, one crew member and a civilian.

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19th October

On 19th October 1943, Canadian Corvette HMCS Chambly docked in Derry/Londonderry and a photographer took a series of photographs of the crew on board.

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20th October

WartimeNI remembers those in or from Northern Ireland who died on 20th October throughout the years of the Second World War between 1939 and 1945.

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21st October

Between 1939 and 1945 many men and women from Northern Ireland gave their lives. We remember those who died on 21st October throughout the Second World War.

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22nd October

On 22nd October 1941, schoolboy Joseph Herbert Withers died as a result of an accident when an explosive device detonated on farmland in rural Co. Armagh.

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23rd October

We remember the men and women from Northern Ireland and those who served here and died on 23rd October throughout the six years of the Second World War.

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24th October

On 24th October 1941, RAF 153 Squadron arrived in Ballyhalbert, Co. Down. In 1937, an Ulsterman was controversially killed by Japanese forces in Shanghai.

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25th October

On 25th October we remember those in or from Northern Ireland who died during the Second World War on this day in history between 1939 and 1945.

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26th October

On 26th October 1941, RAF 504 Squadron arrived at RAF Balyhalbert, Co. Down damaging 7 of their Hawker Hurricanes while landing in strong crosswinds.

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27th October

Each 27th October at WartimeNI, we remember those who gave their lives throughout the Second World War on that date between 1939 and the war's end in 1945.

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28th October

On 28th October 1943, 2nd Battalion London Irish Rifles launched an attack on the Italian hilltop town of San-Salvo. Four Ulster men died in the battle.

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29th October

On 29th October 1940, James Craig, Lord Craigavon, the Unionist Prime Minister of Northern Ireland gave what was to be his final parliamentry speech.

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30th October

On 30th October, we remember those who fought on land, at sea, and in the skies and died on this day throughout the 6 long years of the Second World War.

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31st October

31st October 1940 marked the official end of what Churchill called The Battle Of Britain. Many of the airmen and ground crew came from Northern Ireland.