11th November marks Remembrance Day in Great Britain and the Commonwealth nations, Veterans Day in the United States of America and Polish Independence Day.

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1st November

On 1st November, we remember those who died in Northern Ireland and those from Ulster who gave their lives throughout and after the Second World War.

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2nd November

On 2nd November 2014, a Second World War era explosive device washed ashore in the coastal town of Donaghadee, Co. Down, a reminder of the horrors of war.

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3rd November

On 3rd November 1942, a photographer captured a series of photos in Donegall Square, Belfast, Co. Antrim that provide a snapshot of wartime life in Ulster.

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4th November

On 4th November, we remember men and women with connections to Northern Ireland who died throughout the Second World War between the years of 1939 and 1945.

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5th November

5th November 1940 was a dark day for the Merchant Navy. Many Ulstermen died on board SS Kenbane Head as it was one of many ships attacked in the Atlantic.

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6th November

WartimeNI remembers members of the Royal Air Force who died on this day throughout World War Two on training exercises an on bombing raids over Germany.

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7th November

On 7th November we remember those who died on Irish shores including 3 men from the Royal Australian Air Force who died in a crash in Co. Galway, Ireland.

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8th November

On 8th November 1950, Field-Marshal Viscount Alanbrooke rededicated the memorial at Queen's University, Belfast, Co. Antrim to the fallen of World War Two.

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9th November

On 9th November each year, WartimeNI remembers those from Ulster who gave their lives during the Second World War and those who died in Northern Ireland.

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10th November

On 10th November 1942, US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt arrived at Langford Lodge Airfield, Co. Antrim. She conducted a whirlwind tour of Northern Ireland.

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11th November

Remembrance Day or Armistice Day takes place annually on 11th November. Many wear the poppy and take 2 minutes silence to pay their respects to the fallen.

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12th November

On 12th November 1943, the Polish airmen of RAF 303 Squadron arrived at RAF Ballyhalbert, Co. Down under the command of their Squadron Leader Tadeusz Koc.

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13th November

On 13th November 1925, a ceremony took place unveiling the war memorial sculpture in Portadown, Co. Armagh. It bears the names of the fallen from the town.

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14th November

14th November 1942 marked a historic moment in the European Theatre of Operations as the first wartime game of American Football took place in Belfast.

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15th November

On 15th November 1939, a military photographer captured a photo of a Fleet Air Arm training crew leaving thei plane at RAF Sydenham, Belfast, Co. Down.

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16th November

On 16th November, we remember those who died on this date at war including members of the armed forces from as far away as South Africa and New Zealand.

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17th November

On 17th November 1939, a Belfast Telegraph photographer captured images of Royal Naval Rating at work on a Fairey Swordfish at RAF Aldergrove, Co. Antrim.

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18th November

Remembering those from or with connections to Northern Ireland who died on 18th November throughout the duration of the Second World War from 1939 - 1945.

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19th November

On 19th November 1943, 30th Quartermaster Sterilization Battalion arrived in Ballymena and Omagh while Grumman Wildcat JV413 crashed in Lough Foyle.

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20th November

On 20th November 1944, Catalina JX242 crashed in Co. Fermanagh while across Northern Ireland a Vickers Wellington crashed near Stranocum, Co. Antrim.

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21st November

On 21st November, we remember those from Northern Ireland or with connections to Ulster who died on this date throughout the course of the Second World War.

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22nd November

On 22nd November 1945, 6th (Deynze) Infantry Brigade of the Belgian Army left towns around Co. Down in Northern Ireland as a fully trained military unit.

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23rd November

On 23rd November 1943, the United States Army established Quartermaster Depot Q-111 at Belfast with other sub-depots spread throughout Northern Ireland.

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24th November

On 24th November 1942, Fairey Fulmar BP821 spun out of control killing 2 Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm personnel in a crash near RAF Kirkistown, Co. Down.

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25th November

25th November 1945 saw the beginning of Operation Deadlight, a Royal Navy effort that saw many Kriegsmarine U-Boats scuttled off the north-west Irish coast.

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26th November

On 26th November each year, we remember those men and women in and from Northern Ireland who gave their lives during the conflict of the Second World War.

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27th November

On 27th November 1943, Company A, 307th Quartermaster Sterilization Battalion, US Army moved from near Ballygarvey to a camp at Harryville, Co. Antrim.