14th May

On 14th May 1945, the first Nazi U-Boats entered Lough Foyle to offer their unconditional surrender to Admiral Sir Max Horton at Lisahally, Co. Londonderry.

U-Boats surrender at Lisahally

US Navy prepares for Normandy

USS Satterlee in Belfast Lough

US National Archives Photo: 80-G-367828. The USS Satterlee (DD-626) in Belfast Lough, Northern Ireland, on 14th May 1944, while preparing for D-Day. Photo taken from the USS Quincy (CA-71). Also pictured are the USS Baldwin (DD-624) and the USS Nelson (DD-623).

Remembering the Fallen

Ritchie Rea Matthews

Rifleman | 7013545

Rifleman Ritchie Rea Matthews of Belfast died on 14th May 1940 as 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles held positions near the railway at Louvain, Belgium.

John Henry Moore

Corporal | 7011035

Corporal John Henry Moore was the son of a Co. Fermanagh veteran of The Great War. He died in Louvain, Belgium on 14th May 1940 while serving in the BEF.

Joseph Morrison

Rifleman | 7009709

Rifleman Joseph Morrison was 37 years old at the time of his death on 14th May 1940. He served in Belgium with 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles in the BEF.

Felix O’Neill

Stoker 2nd Class | D/KX 152186

Stoker 2nd Class Felix O'Neill from Liverpool, Lancashire drowned on 14th May 1942 while serving at HMS Caroline, the Royal Naval headquarters in Belfast.

Robert Wilson

Lance Corporal | 7012163

Lance Corporal Robert Wilson of Belfast died in active service on 14th May 1940 while serving in Louvain, Belgium with 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles.