4th March

Remembering the men and women of Ulster, those with connections to Northern Ireland, and those who died here on 4th March throughout the wartime years.

Remembering the Fallen

Alexander Campbell Davidson

Sergeant | 966403

Sergeant Alexander Campbell Davidson from Belfast, Co. Antrim died on 4th March 1941 on board Lockheed Hudson N7235 when it crashed in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Edmund Horzman Doggart

Private | 7521595

Private Edmund Horzman Doggart of Belfast, Co. Antrim died in Monmouthshire, Wales on 4th March 1940 while serving with the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Henry Thompson

Aircraftman 2nd Class | 1007157

Aircraftman 2nd Class Henry Thompson served with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve during World War Two. He died on 4th March 1945 in Indonesia.

James Wright

Corporal | 542702

Corporal James Wright from Belfast, Co. Antrim served in the Royal Air Force and died on 4th March 1944 while on active service in Merionethshire, Wales.