31st March

On 31st March 1945, Belfast Lough was the scene of a tragic event. A total of 5 seamen serving on HMS Sarawak drowned when their small boat overturned.

Royal Navy men drowned in Belfast Lough, Co. Down



31st March 2019

On 31st March 1945, a small yacht carrying men from HMS Sarawak overturned. Five of those on the boat drowned in Belfast Lough leaving only one survivor.

Remembering the Fallen

John James Caves

Sergeant | 7020145

Sergeant John James Caves served in 1st Glider Pilot Regiment during World War Two. He saw action at Normandy and became a POW at Arnhem in September 1944.

Samuel Geoffrey Crimes


Lieutenant Samuel Geoffrey Crimes died on 31st March 1945. He was one of 5 men to drown that day while serving on HMS Sarawak in Belfast Lough, Co. Antrim.

Tom Harrison Raven

Lieutenant | S/4667

While serving on HMS Sarawak with the Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve, Lieutenant Tom Harrison Raven died on 31st March 1945 in Belfast Lough.

James Smyth

Flight Sergeant | 1504638

Flight Sergeant James Smyth of Moneynick, Co. Antrim died on 31st March 1944 on a night time Bomber Command raid to Nürnberg, Germany with RAF 166 Squadron.