13th March

Remembering those from Northern Ireland and those who served here who died on 13th March throughout the years of the Second World War from 1939 to 1945.

Remembering the Fallen

John George Benson

Private | 13014845

Private John George Benson died on 13th March 1944. He served in the Pioneer Corps at his time of death. His name features on the Portadown War Memorial.

Albert Fry

Leading Seaman | D/JX 140607

Leading Seaman Albert Fry OBE of the Royal Navy was awarded for his "untiring zeal" during the loss of HMS Gipsy. He died in Co. Antrim on 13th March 1941.

Samuel Hugh Albert Jess

Sergeant | 635446

Sergeant Samuel Hugh Albert Jess served in Royal Air Force 102 Squadron during World War Two. He died on a raid over Hamburg, Germany in March 1941.