10th March

We pay tribute to all those with connections to Northern Ireland who died on 10th March throughout the years of the Second World War between 1939 and 1945.

The United States Army was well-settled in Northern Ireland by the Spring of 1942. On 10th March 1942, an Officer Messenger Service began between Wilmont House, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim and other US Army bases across Ulster.

Communication was vital to the military in wartime and the US Army had several postal units in Northern Ireland. Among them was 577th Army Postal Unit who remained in Ballymena, Co. Antrim until 10th March 1944.

Remembering the Fallen

James Gerard Cassidy

Captain | 114828

Captain James Gerard Cassidy of Rathfriland, Co. Down died on 10th March 1943 when attached to 1st Parachute Brigade as part of their North Africa campaign.

Woodrow Craig Douglas

Leading Steward | D/LX 24527

Leading Steward Woodrow Craig Douglas of Belfast, Co. Antrim died between 27th February and 10th March 1943 when HM Submarine Tigris disappeared off Italy.

William Hood

Rifleman | 7015364

Belfast-born Rifleman William Hood died on 10th March 1941 while serving in the England on home defence duties with 8th Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles.