29th August

A ceremony took place at Cluntoe Airfield on 29th August 1943. The Royal Air Force completed a handover of the airfield to the United States Army Air Force.

Handover of Cluntoe Airfield

Cluntoe Airfield, Ardboe, Co. Tyrone

United States Archive Photo. The Royal Air Force hand over Cluntoe Airfield, Co. Tyrone to the United States Army Air Force on 29th August 1943. It was Station 238, Combat Crew Replacement Center. Photo from Fold3. Copyright unknown.

Remembering the Fallen

Hugh Alphonsus Kelly

Hugh Alphonsus Kelly

Sergeant | 971259

Sergeant Hugh Alphonsus Kelly of Ballymena, Co. Antrim flew operations with Bomber Command with RAF 103 Squadron at his time of death on 29th August 1941.

Frederick James Miley

Leading Aircraftman | 1056802

Leading Aircraftman Frederick James Miley died on 26th January 1942 after contracting an illness while serving in the Middle East with the Royal Air Force.

Dennis Herbert Oxby

Sub Lieutenant

Sub Lieutenant Dennis Herbert Oxby was born in Lincolnshire, England and served in the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy. He died in Co. Londonderry in 1944.