1st April

On 1st April 1942, units of the Royal Artillery took part in a training manoeuvre named Exercise "Dragoon" in the Sperrin Mountains in Co. Londonderry.

150th Field Regiment in Draperstown, Co. Londonderry

Imperial War Museum Photo: H 18493 (Part of the War Office Second World War Official Collection). 150th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, 148th Independent Infantry Brigade Group firing a 25 pounder field gun during Exercise "Dragoon" in the Sperrin Mountains, Draperstown, Co. Londonderry on 1st April 1942. Photo taken by Lieutenant JR Bainbridge - Official War Office Photographer.

Remembering the Fallen

John Eyre Gisborne Gordon

Captain | 71018

Captain John Eyre Gisborne Gordon served in the Royal Artillery during World War Two and died from wounds sustained in East Africa during early 1941.

William Luney

Sergeant | 1059215

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Sergeant William Luney died on 1st April 1942 when Lockheed Hudson AE558 crashed near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire,UK.

George Herbert Menary


Sergeant George Herbert Menary from Belfast, Co. Antrim is buried in Dundonald Cemetery, Dundonald, Co. Down. He died on 1st April 1949 after the war's end.