10th April

Remembering those with connections to Ulster or Northern Ireland who lost their lives during the Second World War on 10th April between 1939 and 1945.

Remembering the Fallen

Henry Anderson


Henry Anderson, born in Belfast, Co. Antrim died in Birmingham, Warwickshire on 10th April 1941 as the Luftwaffe carried out an attack on the English city.

Sergeant William Joseph Devenney

William Joseph Devenney

Sergeant | 33367015

Sergeant William Joseph Devenney of Pennsylvania died on 10th April 1944 when the B26 Marauder "Winnie Dee" crashed on Chimney Rock Mountain, Co. Down.

John Harrison

Trooper | 409184

Trooper John Harrison of Belfast, Co. Antrim served with 7th Battalion Queen's Own Hussars at his time of death on 10th April 1944 in the Italian campaign.