Seagoe Cemetery, Portadown, Co. Armagh

Seagoe Cemetery in the Co. Armagh town of Portadown contains fourteen Commonwealth War Graves relating to World War Two dating between 1940 and 1946.

Seagoe Cemetery

59 Seagoe Road


Co. Armagh

BT63 5HS

United Kingdom

Seagoe Cemetery is next to the Seagoe Parish Church on the outskirts of Portadown, Co. Armagh. The graveyard is the final resting place of fourteen men who died during World War Two.

The parish name of Seagoe in Co. Armagh is associated with Saint Gobhan. Today’s parish name could stem from either the Latin or Irish for Gobhan’s house. Dating back to around 540 AD, it is one of Ireland’s most ancient Christian settlements. A mound among the ruins of the old church exists where the first house of Gobhan once stood.

In its earliest days, the church or house of prayer served a large community living in the Lough Neagh lowlands between what is now Portadown and Lurgan. The early churches suffered from the violence of the 1600s as colonists fought against the native Irish.

The current church, situated across the road from Seagoe Cemetery, began life in 1816. At the time, it was a plain building but over the years a chancel was added and many improvements made.

The east window in St Mark’s Cathedral, Armagh is a copy of the one in Seagoe. The mosaic tiling in the church’s chancel comes from a Scandinavian design found on a coin buried in the crypt.

Commonwealth War Graves in Seagoe Cemetery

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists 14 grave plots in Seagoe Cemetery on Seagoe Road, Portadown, Co. Armagh.

Last NameFirst Name(s)Date of DeathGrave
BleeksWilliam James20th June 1942B 78
BurkeAubrey16th August 1946Old Ground 1167
ColeNorman20th April 1945E 13
CraigWilliam John21st May 1941E 158
CurrieErnest Stewart18th June 1945C 37
DoakRobert Victor24th September 1942B 318
KerrSamuel John26th November 1940Old Ground 1384
LuttonWilliam John Kirkpatrick12th August 1946Old Ground 736
PentlandGeorge20th September 1942Old Ground 765
KaneVincent18th March 1946M 337
HunnifordGeorge15th December 1941A 5 5
MaginnHenry Howard11th September 1942A 5 10
RoneyHugh26th July 1942B 6 6
WilsonSamuel James19th July 1942A 4 26
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