Map showing North Belfast in the Second World War

North Belfast in the Second World War


Through the Second World War, North Belfast was a working-class area, packed with terraced houses, factories, mills, and suffered during the Belfast Blitz.

Map showing Belfast, Co. Antrim

Belfast, Co. Antrim

Co. Antrim

Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland. The town developed as a port and gained city status in 1888 due to its industry and manufacturing.

Map showing WartimeNI


Trillick Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim

World War Two NI is an online resource full of stories, sights, and sounds from 1939-1945 in the small yet important stronghold of Northern Ireland.

Map showing Wartime Co. Londonderry

Wartime Co. Londonderry

The construction of wartime infrastructure in Co. Londonderry pre-dated the arrival of the US Army while Lisahally was the scene of a mass U-Boat surrender.

Map showing Wartime Co. Tyrone

Wartime Co. Tyrone

In the Second World War, Co. Tyrone hosted troops from the United States Army as well as the newly-formed Belgian Infantry Brigades and a large airfield.

Map showing Wartime Co. Fermanagh

Wartime Co. Fermanagh

Troops based in Co. Fermanagh in the Second World War were ideally placed to patrol the Atlantic Coast from bases such as Castle Archdale and RAF Killadeas.

Map showing Wartime Co. Armagh

Wartime Co. Armagh

Co. Armagh was a hive of activity in the Second World War. Thousands of American GIs passed through the Orchard County from bases such as Brownlow House.

Map showing Wartime Co. Antrim

Wartime Co. Antrim

During the Second World War, Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland hosted RAF and USAAF airfields, evacuee camps, and bases and training grounds for American GIs.

Map showing Wartime Co. Down

Wartime Co. Down

Every branch of the military saw action in Co. Down during the Second World War from US Forces and General Eisenhower in Bangor to the RAF at Ballyhalbert.