McCue, Dick and Co., Duncrue Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim

The McCue, Dick and Co. timber yard in Belfast, Co. Antrim was the scene of some of the earliest fatalities of the Belfast Blitz on 7th-8th April 1941.

McCue, Dick and Co.

62-74 Duncrue Street


Co. Antrim


United Kingdom

The Docks Raid

Luftwaffe bombs fell on the McCue, Dick and Co. timber yard during the Belfast Blitz. The incendiary and high-explosive devices caused severe damage on 7th-8th April 1941 during The Docks Raid.

The Auxiliary Fire Service worked through the night to bring the fire under control. A parachute mine exploded, damaging a building in the timber yard and killing 2 firefighters. Archibald McDonald of Dundonald and Brice Harkness of Cookstown were among the earliest victims of the Belfast Blitz.