Linfield Road, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Linfield Road lies off andy Row in South Belfast, Co. Antrim. In the 1940s it was a hive of industry with both tobacco and linen manufacturers based there.

Linfield Road


Co. Antrim

United Kingdom

Linfield Road in 1943

The following information is taken from the 1943 Belfast Street Directory.

Number First Name(s) Last Name Occupation
1-13 Murray Sons and Co. Ltd. Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturers
15 Mrs. Jameson
17 John Graham Labourer
19 Vacant
21 Thomas Croker Labourer
23 Mrs. Mary Ann Simms
25 Samuel Bulla Labourer
27 David Magilton Attendant
29 Miss Simms
31-33 H Ross Grocer
35 S Ashwood Labourer
37 John McCutcheon Joiner
39 William McMullan Labourer
41 Isabella Gracey Grocer
43 HG Burns Grocer
45 John Sullivan Labourer
47 The Ulster Spinning Co. Ltd.
49 The Ulster Weaving Co. Ltd.
51 John Johnston and Sons Ltd. Linen Manufacturers
53 Linfield Gate Lodge
2-6 Hewitt Brothers Ltd. House Furnishers
8 John C Faulkner Glazier
10 William Lipton Labourer
12 William Lang Engineer
14 Mrs. Smith
16 Ellen McDonald Confectioner
18 John Robinson Labourer
20 Wright Lyness Gardener
22 Mrs. Isabella Reddick
24 Robert McCleery Labourer
26 David Wilton Watchmaker
28 R Fletcher Labourer
30 Mrs. Dogherty
32 James Burke Labourer
34 George McCully
36 S Casement Driver
38 J Barratt Driver
40 Jane Gallagher
42 James Mahaffy Plumber
44 R Wilson Plumber
46 Alexander Reid Labourer
48 Hugh Fullerton Painter
50 Alexander Hamilton Shoemaker
52 Robert Kerr Stoker
54 Miss M Scott Grocer
56 Linfield Junior Public Elementary School

Places of Interest

The following places will be of interest to anyone wishing to explore more of the road's World War Two heritage.

Map showing Linfield Junior School, Linfield Road, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Linfield Junior School, Linfield Road, Belfast, Co. Antrim

56 Linfield Road, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Linfield Junior School was a Public Elementary School where children gathered on 8th July 1940 as they prepared to evacuate the city of Belfast, Co. Antrim.


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