La Délivrande War Cemetery, Normandy, France

La Délivrande War Cemetery is the final resting place of 13 men with connections to Northern Ireland. They died during fighting in the Battle of Normandy.

La Délivrande War Cemetery





Ulstermen in La Délivrande

This Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery is the final resting place of 13 men with connections to Northern Ireland.

Last NameFirst Name(s)RankDate of DeathGrave
BradleyArthur DesmondRifleman17th June 1944IV.F.10
CranglesHughRifleman23rd June 1944VII.K.4
FrazerMoses CharlesLance Bombardier29th July 1944V.L.7
GallagherJohnRifleman2nd July 1944II.G.4
GordonJames CalderwoodRifleman9th June 1944VII.L.2
HalfpennyJohn JamesRifleman9th June 1944VII.L.4
KeenanWilliamLance Corporal5th July 1944II.G.6
KevillePatrickLieutenant9th June 1944VII.D.6
MillarHugh HenryCorporal7th June 1944IX.D.8
McAllisterGeorgeRifleman7th June 1944VII.G.1
O'DonnellWilliam GallagherPrivate21st June 1944V.A.9
OrrRobert John DillonLance Corporal19th July 1944VIII.A.6
WilliamsonJames CampbellRifleman7th June 1944IX.J.7
Arthur Desmond Bradley

Arthur Desmond Bradley

Rifleman | 7021600

Rifleman Arthur Desmond Bradley served in 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles during the hard-fought Normandy campaign in France. He died on 17th June 1944.

Moses Charles Frazer

Lance Bombardier | 1116622

Lance Bombardier Moses Charles Frazer served in the British Army's Royal Artillery at the time of his death during the Battle of Normandy on 29th July 1944.

John Gallagher

Rifleman | 14431679

Rifleman John Gallagher from Co. Londonderry died on 2nd July 1944 while serving in the Battle of Normandy with B Company 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles.

William Keenan

Lance Corporal | 7011506

Lance Corporal William Keenan lived in Co. Armagh. He died on 5th July 1944 with 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles in the hard-fought Battle of Normandy.

George McAllister

Rifleman | 7009594

Rifleman George McAllister served in 'D' Company, 2nd Battalion, Royal Ulster Rifles during the war. He saw action on D-Day and was killed in Cambes Wood.

Hugh Henry Millar

Corporal | 7014297

Corporal Hugh Henry Millar from Belfast, Co. Down died on 7th June 1944 as the Royal Ulster Rifles advanced through Normandy following the D-Day Landings.