Hitler’s Bunker, Berlin, Germany

The site of Hitler's Bunker or Fuehrerbunker is covered by a car park. Information signs mark the spot where the Fuehrer shot himself on 30th April 1945.

Hitler's Bunker

In den Ministergaerten




The Fuehrerbunker, Berlin

The site of Hitler's Bunker in Berlin is now nothing more than a car park in front of an apartment complex a few minutes walk from the busy Potsdamerplatz. Small groups of tourists will seek it out and find more details on an information panel installed in 2006. Photo taken in October 2017.

Site of Hitler's Bunker

The site of Hitler's bunker, known as the Fuehrerbunker, is marked with nothing more than an information panel for tourists. The bunker complex built between 1939 and 1944 was finally destroyed by East Germany in 1959. Photo taken in October 2017.