Eliza Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Eliza Street in East Belfast lies off Cromac Street running towards Stewart Street. The markets area of the city remains a mainly working class community.

Eliza Street


Co. Antrim


United Kingdom

Eliza Street in 1943

The following information is taken from the 1943 Belfast Street Directory.

Number Forename Surname Occupation
1a JJ Doyle Builder
1 Mrs Frances Lavery
3 Miss Maggie Hanvey
5 Joseph Hanna
7 Hugh Kirk Labourer
9 John Smyth Hairdresser
11 James Barr Labourer
13 L Forde Cattle Dealer
15 Miss Mary Osborne
17 Miss Margaret Davey
19 Mrs Ellen Keeley
21 William Moore
23 P McManus
25 JJ Austin Labourer
27-29 Mrs McGlade Grocer
31 Mrs Elizabeth Mullan
33-37 Inglis and Co. Bakery
2 Ulster Engineering and Equipment Co.
2a Stables
4 William Baxter Labourer
6 Mrs E Magee
8-16 Hendron Bros. Ltd. Machinery and Metal Merchants
20-22 McQueen and Sons Ltd. Hide and Skin Brokers
24 Miss Mary E Morgan
26 James Lagan
28 Miss Mary C Maynes
30 C Cinnamond Conductor
32 Edward Cush Commercial Traveller
34 David Welsh
36 J McKeown (and Sons) Farrier
38 St. Colman's Public Elementary School
40 Patrick Quinn Labourer
42 William Moss Fruiterer
44 Mrs K Stow
46 James Rodgers Publican
48 Mrs F Butler
50 Thomas Dugan Labourer
52 Patrick Savage Bricklayer
54 Thomas Ward Railway Guard
56 Joseph Austin Driver
58 Vacant
60 Miss M Kane
62 Mrs Anna McCabe
64 D McKay Checker
66 Thomas McNamara Labourer
68 John Doyle Builder
70 Miss McKay
72 Miss McCormick
74 Miss Alice Lindsay
76 T Fullerton Insurance Agent
78 T Dougan Storekeeper
80 S Doyle
82 Mrs Mary Lavery
84 James Walsh
86 William Morris Labourer
88 Mrs Mary McGurk
90 Mrs S McGarry
92 Miss Kate Nannery
94 Mrs Curran
96 Mrs Lizzie McKeown
98-100 Mrs Josephine Wiegleb
Map showing St Colman’s Public Elementary School, Eliza Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim

St Colman’s Public Elementary School, Eliza Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim

38 Eliza Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim

St Colman's Public Elementary School once stood at 38 Eliza Street in the heart of Belfast's markets district amidst many residential homes and factories.


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