Donegall Pass, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Donegall Pass runs between two of south Belfast's main thoroughfares; Shaftesbury Square and Ormeau Road. An Air Raid Precautions Post stood there in 1943.

Donegall Pass


Co. Antrim

United Kingdom

Donegall Pass in 1943

The following information is taken from the 1943 Belfast Street Directory.

Number First Name(s) Last Name Occupation
1 John Rath Wine Merchant
3-9 Vacant
11 In Case Of Development
13 James Gardener Confectioner
15 DM Houston Grocer
17 TJ Haslem Outfitter
19 Air Raid Precautions Post Post 548
21 Vacant
23 Primrose Butter and Egg Store
25 N Moore Tailor
27 Mrs. Coulter
29 Miss Gordon Draper
31 William Scott Butcher
33 William Morrell Porter
35 Ulster Wool Stored Ltd.
37.1 Samuel Beattie
37.2 Douglas Shaw
37.3 Mrs. Alice Sofley
37.4 John O'Leary
37.5 Sylvia Keon
39-41 W&M Fitzsimmons Tobacconist
43-45 T Lyons Home Bakery
47 Stewarts Cash Stores Ltd.
49-53 H Reid Draper
55 Stewarts Cash Stores Ltd.
57-59 Vacant
61-63 White, Reid, and Mitchell Ltd. Research and Manufacturing Chemists
65 Gertrude Armstrong
67 S McGaughey Overall Manufacturer
69 Firewood Blocks Ltd.
71 South Belfast Christian Workers' Union
73 Samuel McFarlane Royal Ulster Special Constabulary
75 Robert Meharry Newsagent
77 Vacant
79 E Gibson Traveller
81 Mrs. Hammel
83 Miss Thompson
85 ML Wright Bootmaker
87 Thomas Cuthbert Joiner
89 Mrs. M Crawford
91 Miss Campbell
93 Mrs. Blair
95 Miss S Best Dressmaker
97 G Boomer Fancy Dress Maker
99 McQuiston Public Elementary School
101 HH Leech Bootmaker
103 Miss M Morgan Draper
105 Francis Kernohan Fitter
107 Jack Tweedie Butcher
109 Mrs. McComb
111 Mrs. Hewitt
113 Robert G Jackson
115 Mrs. M Greer
117 Matthew Moreland
119 Vacant
121 Charles Brady
123 J Metcalfe Milliner
125-127 Belfast Co-Operative Society Ltd. Butchery
131-133 George L McDowall Publican
135 Vacant
137 R Gamble Flesher
139 George P Potter Royal Navy
141-143 J Donnelly Publican
145 In Case Of Development
147 WJ Clarke Garage
149 In Case Of Development
151-153 E Bunting and Co. Fancy Box Makers
155-157 Oxo Ltd.
159-161 Donegall Pass Presbyterian Church
163-165 Vacant
167 J Walker
169 Connsbrook Laundry Receiving Office
2 George Manning Dentist
4 CE Bourke Ltd. Outfitters
6 Stuart K Henry and Co. Ltd. Paint Depot
8 E Orr Fruiterer
10 Stuart K Henry and Co. Ltd. Oil Merchants, Mill Furnishers, and Dry Salters
10 Assistance Board South Area
12 E Brownlow Grocer
14 Vacant
16 Skinner Brothers Manufacturing Chemists
18 Donegall Pass RUC Barracks
20-36 Vacant Ground
38 T&J Brown Butchers
40 James Armstrong Wholesale Tobacconist and Confectioner
40a Lilian Patterson
40b Mrs. Jane Matthews
40c John McCoy
40d Jack Murray Hairdresser
40e William Shannon Tailor
40f E&L Shannon Hairdressers
42 A&R Anderson Painters
44 J Kearns Customs Officer
46 Miss Sarah Henderson Draper and Confectioner
48 John Burch Grocer
50 John Kelleher
52 Mrs. Perrers
54 St. Mary Magdalene Church of Ireland
56 Mrs. Copley
58 William Kerr Engineer
60 Miss Jordan
62 Mrs. Young
64 William Hazley Handkerchief Maker
66 Robert Johnston Waiter
68 Percy Copley Carter
70 Mrs. M Brewer
72-78 Lees, Hyman, and Lees Ltd. Wholesale Furniture Warehouse
80 TA Graham Pawnbroker
82 Simon Carson Butcher
84 Andrews' Fancy Goods
86 William Watson Fish Merchant
88 J Connor Johnston Ltd. Pharmaceutical Chemists
90 Thomas Ogle Confectioner
92-94 Vacant
96 WJ McIlroy Paint Merchant
98 National Fire Service Station
100 Mrs. B McCaherty
102 Miss McMurtry Hairdresser
104-108 WJ Chambers Automobile Engineer
110 J Robin Taxidermist
112 E Mitchell Pawnbroker
114 Mrs. McCutcheon
116 R Harkness Supper Saloon
118-124 WH Connolly Ltd. Automobile Engineers
126-128 Hill and Craig Frock Manufacturers
130 TES Crozier Painter
132 N Atkinson Milkman
134 Mrs. Wilson
136 John Elliott
138-140 Vacant
142 WM Wilton Funeral Furnisher
144 Mrs. Quinlan
146 Mrs. MJ Gray Servants' Registry Office
148 Donegall Pass Post office
150 Edward McSorley MD

Places of Interest

The following places will be of interest to anyone wishing to explore more of the street's World War Two heritage.

Map showing McQuiston Public Elementary School, Donegall Pass, Belfast, Co. Antrim

McQuiston Public Elementary School, Donegall Pass, Belfast, Co. Antrim

99 Donegall Pass, Belfast, Co. Antrim

McQuiston Public Elementary School stood on Donegall Pass, in South Belfast, Co. Antrim. Children gathered here in July 1940 to be evacuated from the city.


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