Vegetable Plots, Newcastle, Co. Down

Along the Castlewellan Road, Newcastle, Co. Down, fields became wartime vegetable plots as locals embraced the ideals of the 'Dig For Victory' campaign.

Vegetable Plots

Castlewellan Road


Co. Down

BT33 0TN

United Kingdom

Along the Castlewellan Road, Newcastle, Co. Down where the offices of the Mourne Observer newspaper are was once fields. During World War Two, a few of these fields saw use as vegetable plots.

Each plot measured around 80 feet by 20 feet and cost around 10 shillings per year to rent. Men, women, and children would all tend the plots helping grow food. Such vegetable plots appeared in many rural towns like Newcastle, Co. Down and allowed local people to grow potatoes and other vegetables.

This was evidence of the success of government campaigns such as ‘Dig For Victory’. There would never be enough produce grown to sell but it helped families to survive and provided for older members of the community.