Dundrum, Co. Down during the Second World War

The village of Dundrum, Co. Down was a hive of activity during the Second World War with the arrival of the U.S. Military and the nearby Ballykinler Camp.


Co. Down

Northern Ireland

The village of Dundrum, Co. Down lies about 4 miles outside Newcastle, Co. Down on the edge of Dundrum Bay. Known for its ruined Norman Castle, the running aground of S.S. Great Britain, and being Northern Ireland's first nature reserve, the village also boasts a great Second World War History.

This area of Co. Down hosted thousands of American service personnel including at the historic Murlough House. With Ballykinler Camp lying just across the bay, and an Allied Airfield in the proximity, the area was deemed important enough to warrant anti-landing defences on the beaches. These remain today as a series of far-stretching wooden poles buried deep in the sand.

Places of Interest

The following places will be of interest to anyone wishing to explore more of the area's Second World War heritage.

Map showing Murlough House, Dundrum, Co. Down

Murlough House, Dundrum, Co. Down

31 Keel Point, Dundrum, Co. Down

In wartime, Murlough House at Dundrum, Co. Down, owned by the Downshire family, hosted an Armored Regiment and a Tank Destroyer Battalion of the U.S. Army.