Bridge Street, Banbridge, Co. Down

On 8th May 1945, 4th (Steenstraete) Infantry Brigade marched along Bridge Street, Banbridge, Co. Down as part of a parade to mark Victory in Europe Day.

Bridge Street


Co. Down

BT32 3EA

United Kingdom

On 8th May 1945, a parade took place along the length of Bridge Street, Banbridge, Co. Down. The occasion was VE Day, a celebration of Victory in Europe after 6 long years of World War Two. The weather was overcast but the celebrations continued throughout the 2-day public holiday.

Taking part in the 4,000-strong parade was 4th (Steenstraete) Infantry Brigade of the Belgian Army. The Belgians marched as proud soldiers in new boots and uniforms received during their time in Northern Ireland.

They assembled along Newry Road, Banbridge, Co. Down at 1500hrs. The march took them through the main section of the town and past a saluting post near the air raid shelter at the north of Bridge Street. There, Belgian Colonel Louppe took the salute. Accompanying music came from Milltown Brass and Reed Band conducted by William Clugston.

On 21st July 1945, the Belgian Army took part in another parade along Bridge Street, Banbridge, Co. Down to mark Belgian National Day. There were floats representing areas of Belgium and a fireworks display in the evening.