Palace Stables, Armagh, Co. Armagh

The Palace Stables in Armagh is a heritage centre set in parkland dating back to the 1700s, created by the Archbishops of the Church of Ireland in the city.

Palace Stables

The Palace Demesne


Co. Armagh

BT60 4EL

United Kingdom

The Palace Stables lie within walking distance of Armagh City Centre in the parkland of The Palace Demesne. Archbishop Richard Robinson created the 300 acre demesne, which was home to the Church of Ireland Archbishops from 1770 to 1975.

The Palace Stables in Armagh offer living history visits for primary school children from across Co. Armagh. The children are usually from Primary 4 or 5, so aged 7-8 years old. School children exploring the ‘World Around Us’ part of the curriculum have attended these days since 2016.

Staff at The Palace Stables tell the story of the Belfast Blitz. Children experience a little of what it was like to be an evacuee, creating their own identity cards. They learn about rationing and get a chance to crack wartime codes.

They may even meet an American GI and an evacuation officer as they explore an air-raid shelter dressed in period clothing. American GIs would have been based in the area between 1943-1944.