Gough Barracks, Armagh, Co. Armagh

Gough Barracks was a military base in Armagh. For most of its history, it was home to the Royal Irish Fusiliers as well as the US Army during World War Two.

Gough Barracks

1-2 Cityview / Newry Road


Co. Armagh

BT60 1EP

United Kingdom

Gough Barracks in Armagh City, Co. Armagh is a Police Service of Northern Ireland base in Northern Ireland. In it's early days, it was home of the Royal Irish Fusiliers.

A military installation first appeared on the site in 1773. After the Cardwell Reforms of 1873, Gough Barracks in Armagh became home to the 89th (Princess Victoria’s) Regiment of Foot, and the 94th Regiment of Foot. Following the Childers Reforms in 1881, the 87th (Price of Wales’ Irish) Regiment of Foot and the 89th (Princess Victoria’s) Regiment of foot amalgamated. They Royal Irish Fusiliers formed from the combined regiments and set up headquarters at the barracks.

During World War Two, the United States Army used Gough Barracks as a base while in Northern Ireland. On the Victoria Street side of the complex, War Department marks still show in the concrete walls.

American Forces

The following American forces were based in Armagh or Armagh Barracks between 1943 and 1944. If you have more information on exact bases, please get in touch.

Start DateEnd DateUnits
1942109th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company (V Corps) [Minnesota National Guard]
17th October 194311th May 19442nd Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized (2nd Infantry Division)
20th October 194311th April 19449th Infantry (2nd Infantry Division)
9th November 19431st Platoon, 552nd Quartermaster Railhead Company
October 194311th May 1944Military Police Platoon, 2nd Infantry Division

Ten years after the American troops departed, an Irish Republican Army unit raided the barracks. The 1954 raid saw the IRA escape with 340 rifles, 50 Sten guns, 12 Bren guns, and small arms.

On 1st April 1960, the Royal Irish Fusiliers depot at Gough Barracks closed. There was little pomp or ceremony as Corporal Michael Murphy lowered the regimental flag. The final 56 soldiers marched from the barracks. Commanding officer, Major Denis Ormerod, handed the keys to a civilian caretaker.

The site became headquarters for 2nd Battalion Ulster Defence Regiment between 1970 and 1965. The British Army left the barracks for the last time in 1976. During the Cold War, authorities built a nuclear bunker on the site. Today, it serves as a base for the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

552nd Quartermaster Railhead Company in Northern Ireland



9th November 2018

From November 1943, 552nd Quartermaster Railhead Company of the United States Army had bases in Gough Barracks, Co. Armagh and in Seskinore, Co. Tyrone.