Newferry, Co. Antrim during the Second World War

Newferry lies on the River Bann, the border between Co. Antrim and Co. Londonderry. During the Second World War, soldiers trained in the area.


Co. Antrim

Northern Ireland

Exercise Judy

On 9th September 1943, the British Army conducted "Exercise Judy", demonstrating bridging methods for crossing a body of water. Soldiers transported vehicles, weapons, and troops across the River Bann at Newferry, Co. Antrim.

45th Infantry Division in Newferry

On 10th September 1943, elements of 45th Infantry Division trained at Newferry, Co. Antrim crossing the River Bann by Pontoon Bridge.

45th Infantry Division crosses the River Bann

Imperial War Museum Photo: (H 32817) (Part of the War Office Second World War Official Collection) Elements of 45th Infantry Division, British Army use a Pontoon Bridge to cross the River Bann at Newferry, Co. Antrim. Photo taken on 10th September 1943. Copyright Lieutenant J.R. Bainbridge - War Office Photographer.