Parkmore Street, Belfast

Parkmore Street lies off the Ormeau Road, a busy thoroughfare in South Belfast. During the Second World War, it was a working-class residential street.

Parkmore Street



Northern Ireland

Parkmore Street in 1943

The following information is taken from the 1943 Belfast Street Directory.

Number Forename Surname Occupation
1 William Murdock Labourer
3 TJ McClean Sailor
5 RM Dickson Plasterer
7 Robert Busby Plasterer
9 D Cunningham
11 Margaret McConnell
13 RJ Allingham Platers' Helper
15 Miss Mary Reid Smoother
17 William McCullough Boiler Man
19 WJ Shaw Labourer
21 Mrs Dickson
23 Johnson
25 Miss Mary Brown
27 Mrs Ferguson
29 H Brittain Fitter
31 John Johnston Labourer
33 Alexander Mayne Labourer
35 Hugh Harrison Labourer
37 Robert Turner Butcher's Assistant
2 Joseph Kingsmore Supper Saloon
4 Thomas Lundie Fire Watcher
6 Mrs R McCann
8 Samuel Guy Labourer
10 Patrick Lee Labourer
12 Samuel Bickerstaff Butcher
14 Robert Scott Labourer
16 Albert Duff Missioner
18 John James Craig Labourer
20 James Scott Checker
22 James Bell Aircraft Worker
24 Mrs Francis Duncan
26 Samuel McDowell Gardener
28 Samuel Patterson Labourer

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