Waterloo Park, Belfast

Waterloo Park lies off the Antrim Road in North Belfast. Much of the area suffered great damage during the Luftwaffe bombing of the 1941 Belfast Blitz.

Waterloo Park


BT15 5HU

Northern Ireland

Houses in Waterloo Park suffered damage during the Belfast Blitz of April and May 1941.

Waterloo Park in 1943

The following information is taken from the 1943 Belfast Street Directory.

First Name(s) Last Name Occupation
5 Mrs C Wilson
7 JR Wiley Farmer
9 M McDowell Manager
11 James Curran
2 Herbert McGladdery
4 Vacant Ground
6 RL Taylor Traveller
8 JG Gaw
10 J Anderson
12 Alexander Marshall Royal Navy Lieutenant
14 Thomas Gordon Traveller
16 James Hutchinson