Millfield, Belfast

Millfield runs between Belfast's North Street and Castle Street. The heavily re-developed area today bears little resemblance to that of the wartime 1940s.



Northern Ireland

Millfield in 1943

The following information is taken from the 1943 Belfast Street Directory.

Number First Name(s) Last Name Occupation
37-79 Campbell Brothers Glass, Oil, and Colour Merchants
81 Felix Beagon Spirit Merchant
83-85 R Hilditch Saddler
87-89 Anthony Hughes Shoemaker
91 William Semple
93 Edward Cavanagh Publican
95 James Toner Flesher
97 Eddelstein
99 Annie Reynolds Dealer
101 McKelvey, Sinclair, and Co. Stores
103 Hugh McShane Spirit Merchant
105-113 Joseph O'Callaghan Dealer
115 James Norney
117 William Marley Labourer
119 Catherine Hutchinson Dealer
121 Mrs. M Berry
123 Mrs. Annie Cann
125 St. Stephen's Church
127 Thomas Fryers
129 Gateway
131-133 Alexander Harper Lodging House
135 Maria Heaney Dealer
137 Joseph Crilly
139 David Murphy Lodging House
141 M Stewart Lodging House
143-153 Vacant Ground
155 William James McCafferty Labourer
157 Mrs. Connolly
159 O McErney Publican
2 Thomas Johnston Fancy Goods Store
4-18 St. Anthony's Public Elementary School
20 L Frank and Co. Plumbers' Merchants
22 Mrs. Sarah McNamara
24 Mrs. KJ Corr Spirit Merchant
26 Vacant
28 Ed Lavery Labourer
30 P O'Neill Labourer
32 Bridget Brady
34 Frank McCaughey Driller
36 JE Coulter Ltd. Garage
50-54 Vacant
56 David Alexander Timber Merchant
58 Mrs. McMahon
60 Mrs. Murray
62 Patrick Campbell Labourer
84-86 Kelly Brothers Grocers and Flour Merchants
90 Vacant
92 David Reynolds Teacher
94 Vacant
94a Mary Reilly Dealer
96 J Corcorran Labourer
98 Mrs. Agnes Palmer
100 Mrs. McMahon Dealer
102-114 Vacant
116 J Norman Fulton Ltd. Workshop
118-120 Irish Display Association Window Dressers
122-140 A Neill Back Entrance
142-146 Vacant

Places of Interest

The following places will be of interest to anyone wishing to explore more of the area's Second World War heritage.

Map showing St. Anthony’s Public Elementary School, Millfield, Belfast

St. Anthony’s Public Elementary School, Millfield, Belfast

Millfield, Belfast

St. Anthony's Public Elementary School once stood on Millfield, Belfast. The area has been redeveloped and the building no longer exists.


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