Lincoln Avenue, Belfast

Lincoln Avenue runs off the Antrim Road in North Belfast. The street and others neaby such as Viginage Park suffered severe damage during the Belfast Blitz.

Lincoln Avenue


BT14 6AZ

Northern Ireland

Lincoln Avenue lies off the Antrim Road in North Belfast. The surrounding area and nearby New Lodge suffered great damage during the Belfast Blitz.

One of the Luftwaffe’s main targets in the north of the city was Victoria Barracks. A large complex, it took several hits in Easter 1941 but the nearby streets were almost destroyed. These streets bore the brunt of the blanket bombing.

Many people from this area who survived did so by fleeing the city. All around the New Lodge area streets of terraced houses became rubble.

Air Raid Warden Jimmy Doherty lived on Lincoln Avenue. His wartime memories make for great reading in ‘Post 381’. In 2016, Belfast City Council unveiled a plaque on the street. It commemorates those who died during the Belfast Blitz of April and May 1941.

Lincoln Avenue in 1943

The following information is taken from the 1943 Belfast Street Directory.

Number First Name(s) Last Name Occupation
1-2 Vacant
3 Miss M Gribben
4-13 Vacant
15 H Holbrook
16 TJ McCoy
17 Vacant
18 W Brennan Jeweller
19 J Donovan Waiter
20 J Hull
21 James McClean Publican
22 Thomas Fitzharris
23 Mrs Margaret Johnston
24 John Martin Customs Official
25 John Daly
26 Abraham Oliver Agent
27 Charles Daley Labourer
28 Vacant
29 Mrs K Montague
30 Mrs B O'Reilly
31 William Minshull Artist
32 D Johnson Waiter
33 Mrs M Cochrane
34 Miss Mabel Milne
35 Edward Magee Engineer
36 James Graham Chef
37 Vacant
38 Occupied