Donegall Street, Belfast

Donegall Street lies in the heart of Belfast's Cathedral Quarter. St. Anne's Cathedral is one of a few buildings in the area to survive the Belfast Blitz.

Donegall Street



Northern Ireland

Donegall Street in the Belfast Blitz

Photographers from the Belfast Telegraph captured the aftermath of the Belfast Blitz in 1941 when Luftwaffe bombs devastated the Donegall Street area.

Donegall Street in 1943

The following information is taken from the 1943 Belfast Street Directory.

Number First Name(s) Last Name Occupation
1 Crotty and Aikin Estate Agents
1a Samuel Dale Hairdresser
3 Robert Beverland Bootmaker
3 W Norman Montgomery Solicitor
3 B Kalteer Financier
5 Irish Independent Newspapers Ltd.
7 E&L Kennedy Solicitors
7 Wilson and McBrinn Co. Ltd. Boys', Youths', Mens' Clothing Manufacturers
9 W McCalla and Co. Ltd. Shipping and Forwarding Agents
9 Ulster Steam Tender Co. Ltd. Owners of Passenger Tenders
9 Irish Rugby Football Union (Ulster Branch)
11 Miss M Lee Confectioner
13 Sam Martin and Co. Insurance Brokers
15 George E Waddell Wholesale Bush Maufacturer
17 Eason and Son (Belfast) Ltd. Book Sellers
19-21 H Mack and Co. Ltd. Wholesale Woollen Merchants
23 Vacant
25 S Osborne and Co. Wholesale Cycle Factors
25 S Sherski Draper
25a Menzies and Co. Sanitary and Heating Engineers
27 James McKernan Bootmaker
29 D O'Rorke and Son Solicitors
29 HH McNeilly Optician
29 W Holmes Tailor
29 H Austin and Co. Flour Merchants
31 James Smyth Estate Agent
31a William Garmany Engineer and General Agent
33 John Boyd Estate and Insurance Agent
33 R Semple Tobacconist
33 H Goldring Financier
35 Central Leather and Footwear
37 John Oulton and Co. Ltd. Flax and Two Merchants
39 Clarke and Son Auctioneers, Estate Agents, and Valuers
39 Leicester Permanent Building Society
41 Robert Kelly and Son Solicitors
41 Hugh C Kelly Solicitor
41 JM Pollin Solicitor
41 John Pollin Solicitor
41 Insurance Engineers Ltd.
41 The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters for Ireland
41 R Stonehouse Caretaker
43 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Ltd.
45 AE Savage and Co. House Estate Agents and Valuers
47 TG Wallace Auditor and Accountant
47 Artificial Teeth Hospital
47 E Anglesey Draper
47 Rosenfield Brothers Agents
47 WB McBroom Rent Agent
47 AE Macfarlane and Co. Estate Agents
49 Kalee Ltd. Cinema Supplies
51-19 Belfast Newsletter and Belfast Weekly News Offices and General Printing
61a George Crawford Wholesale Drug Sundries
61a R Carmichael Tailor
61 R Robinson and Sons Boot and Leather Factors
63 Vacant
65 H Raymond Tailor
65 HW Brown Jeweller's Agent
67 SE Thompson and Co. House and Land Agents
69 Harper and Co. Sports Outfitters
71 SG Taylor Commission Agent
71 WP Rusk Tailor
71 WH Jordan Wholesale Grocer and Manufacturer's Agent
71 John J Magee Solicitor
71 FJ Magee Tailor
71 Treganna and Benson Vest and Shirt Makers
71 Belfast Cathedral
73-75 Vacant
77-93 Vacant
95-99 Berriss Ltd. House Furnishers
101 Donegall Street Congregational Church
103-111 Vacant
113-117 The Irish News and Irish Weekly
119 JC Savage Tailor
121 M Taylor Tailor
123 WH Alexander Ltd. Motor Engineers
173-175 Occupied by His Majesty's Government
177 Universal Furnishing Co. Ltd.
177 Elliott and Co. Furniture Dealers
177 P Leopold and Son Clothiers
177 D Bannon Financier
177 Paradise Dance Hall
177 Granville Social Club
179 Vacant
181 S McClenaghan Hairdresser
183 Charles Bell Revolving Shutters and Sun Awnings
185.1.1 Charles Bell Store
185.1.2 S Samuels Financier
185.1.3 Vacant
185.2.1 City Hibernian Football Club
185.2.2 FW Kerr and Co. Accountants
185.2.3 Electrical Trades Union
185.2.4 Joseph Dempsey Artist
185.2.5 Social Club
187 ABC Cafe
189 Vacant
191 Charles Buygott Paint Merchant
193 St. Patrick's Boys' Public Elementary School
193 St. Patrick's Girls' Public Elementary School
195 St. Patrick's Christian Brothers' School
197 St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
199 St. Patrick's Presbytery
201 Dr. John Barron
203 Vacant
205 P Sosby Hairdresser
207 H Russell MacNabb MD
209 Kilpatrick and Bready Architects
209 Maurice F McGlade
211 Co-Operative Trading Co.
213 Reo Cafe
2 Belfast Bank House
6 Paragon Gun and Fishing Tackle Specialists
6a Digby and Rea Hairdressers
8 A McKelvey and Co. Motor Engineers
10 John McIlroy and Co. Estate Agents, Auctioners, Valuers, and Surveyors
10a George T Dove Draper
10a The Alexander Supply Co. Ltd. Financiers
10a Dickson Brothers Electrical Engineers
10a J Rintoul Draper
10a E Clarke and Co. Frock Manufacturers
10a Ulster Debt Collecting Office
12 Cecil Marcus Wholesale Stationer
14 JA Baird Estate Agent
14 Newman and Wilkinson Saddlers and Ironmongers
14 I Ginsburg Financier
14 T Newman Agent
14 J McInally Agent
16 Vacant
18 A Best Agent
18 Terry Holmes and Co. Manufacturers' Agent
18 K Korentyre Draper
18 A Daly Warehouseman
18 James E Bell Paper Merchant
18 T Erskine Manufacturers' Agent
18 J Graffin Book Binder
18 Hulton Press Ltd.
18 William Southwell Silversmith
18 GEV Bell Manufacturers' Agent
18 VH Campbell Agent
18 William Orr Agent
18 WH Baillie Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist
18 Post Office Clerks Association
20-24 Douglas and Green Ltd. Handkerchief Manufacturers
26 Thomas Keenan and Son Ltd. Ropes, Twines, and Cordage
28 North Street Arcade
30 John Arnott and Co. Ltd.
32-34 James Johnston and Co. Ltd. Flax and Tow Merchants
36 Drennan Campbell and Co. Ltd. Wholesale House Furnishers and Bedding Manufacturers
38 David Bell and Co. Ltd. Wholesale Tea Merchants
40 PTE Jameson Agent
40 JC Wallace and Co. Wholesale Drapers
40 The Ardmore Woollen Co.
40 G Carson Manufacturers' Agent
40 HA Newell Agent
40 NF Harper and Co. Woollen Merchants
40a Eason and Son (Belfast) Ltd. Retail Book Sellers
42 L Taylor Money Lender
42 D Cohen Draper
42 AV Browne Advertising Agent
42 Gledhill and Son Ltd. Cash Registers
42 Automatic Scale Co.
44 James and H Brown House, Land, and Insurance Agents
44 Samuel D Crawford Solicitor
44 F Gorman Agent
46 A&M Druker Furriers
46 SA Blogh Draper
46 Antrim Trading Co. Ltd.
46 Stewart and Partners Ship Owners
46 RB Shane Wholesale Agent
46 T Curran Agent
46 David Caldwell and Co. Coal Merchants
46 Gerald J Magee Solicitor
46 H Wilton Film Renter
46 FJ Johnston Corporate Accountant
46 Marten Gowns
48 A&M Druker Furriers
50 The Northern Optical Co. Opticians
50 Henry's Stores Drapers
52 Smarts Gramophone and Wireless Dealers
52 Solomon and Peres Gramophone Dealers
52a St. Mary's Hall Club
54 Charles Rollins Musical Instrument Dealer
56 The Irish Press
58 Purdon Brothers Seed Merchants
58a-58b The Irish Times
58b Magill's Confectionery
58 John J Evans and Co. Ltd. Wholesale Tea Merchants
58 SJ Diamond and Son Solicitors
58 JT Girvan Estate Agent
58 WA Watters House and Land Agent Valuer
58 James Ross Woollen Merchant
58 St. Anne's Blouse Co.
58 J Appleman Draper
58 Bennett's Stores Regional Office
58 M Librach General Warehouseman
58 Royal Co-Operative Assurance Society
58 Reliable Clothing Clothiers
58 Mrs Torrens Caretaker
58 John Wilson and Son Estate Agents
58d James Anderson Ltd. Window Blinds, Locksmiths and Revolving Shutters
60 David Caldwell and Co. Coal Merchants
62 Vacant
64 John Mears Agent
64a Vacant
66-68 C&J Montgomery Pharmaceutical Chemists
80 Magill's Confectionery
82 Robinson's Temperance Hotel
84 William Harper and Co. Solicitors
84a-86 Vacant
86a G Eaccovilla Confectioner
88 Robinson's Chemists
90-94 Robert Watson and Co. Furniture and Bedding
96 P&F McGlade Publicans
98 Vacant
100 The New Library
102 Ephraim Brown and Son House and Land Agents
102 Gilbert and Co. Agents
102 Information Bureau
102 Ulster Traders' Protection Association
102 North of Ireland Trade Protection Ltd.
102 Belfast Chamber of Trade
102 Robert Willock Accountant
102 Thomas McCracken
106 M Rogers Publican
108 Joe's Snackery
110 Watson and Son Drapers
110a-112 Vacant
114-118 H O'Kane and Co. Funeral Undertakers
120 SP Marshall Tobacconist
122 H Parker Tobacconist
122 Donegall Street Post Office
124.1 The Express Trading Co. Drapers
124.1 The Empire Clothing Co.
124.2 Vacant
124.3 M Bogen Draper
124.4 J Doherty Financier
125.5-6 DPN McAlpine House and Land Agent
124.7 The Commissionaires' Office
124.8 Vacant
124.9 Hugh Mitchell Agent
124.10-11 Vacant
124.12 S Hanna Tailor
124.13 L Jacobs Draper
124.13a The Quota Press
124.14 J Shelton Agent
124.15 Vacant
126-128 Robert Arnold Tailor
130 Hugh Crossin Pharmaceutical Chemist
132 Vacant
134 FJ Kearney
136-140 Vacant

Places of Interest

The following places will be of interest to anyone wishing to explore more of the area's Second World War heritage.

Map showing St. Anne’s Cathedral, Donegall Street, Belfast

St. Anne’s Cathedral, Donegall Street, Belfast

Donegall Street, Belfast

St. Anne's Cathedral in Belfast is one of the most iconic buildings in the city. Behind its doors is a wealth of Second World War history.

Map showing St. Patrick’s Boys’ School, Donegall Street, Belfast

St. Patrick’s Boys’ School, Donegall Street, Belfast

193 Donegall Street, Belfast

St. Patrick's Boys' School was a Public Elementary School in North Belfast. Evacuees waited for transport there on 8th July 1940 as people fled the city.

Map showing St. Patrick’s Girls’ School, Donegall Street, Belfast

St. Patrick’s Girls’ School, Donegall Street, Belfast

193 Donegall Street, Belfast

St. Patrick's Girls' School was a Public Elementary School in North Belfast. Evacuees waited for transport there on 8th July 1940 as people fled the city.

Civilians stabbed in fight with American GIs in Donegall Street, Belfast


20th March 2019

On 20th March 1943, three Belfast men received stab wounds in Donegall Street in the city after becoming involved in a fight with some American soldiers.

  1. Lennon Wylie