Rotterdam Street, Belfast

The area around Rotterdam Street in Belfast has been greatly redeveloped in recent years with the loss of the nearby Sirocco Works and Queen's Quay Station.

Rotterdam Street



Northern Ireland

Rotterdam Street in 1943

The following information is taken from the 1943 Belfast Street Directory.

Number Forename Surname Occupation
1-3 Side Door
5 Mrs Florence O'Brien
7 Mrs Annie Patterson
9 Miss Martha Brown
11 William Fitzgerald Labourer
13 William Moffett Labourer
15 George Miller Boiler Maker
17 John Lindsay Bricklayer
19 Mrs Mary Collins
21 John Moneypenny Motor Driver
23 HJ McKee Mechanic
25 Vacant
27 Corporation Yard
2 Side Door
4 Harry Jubb Store Keeper
6 Joseph Coyle Plasterer
8 Robert Bittles Paviour
10 James E Berry Labourer
12 Albert Bittles Foreman
14 William English Labourer
16 Alexander Harvey Plater
18 Miss ME McKeag
20 Mrs Anna Boden
22 S McClintock Gas Inspector
24 AW Turner Labourer

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