Abetta Parade, Belfast

Abetta Parade is a residential street running off the Beersbridge Road, East Belfast. It was home to Rifleman Hugh Henry Millar of the Royal Ulster Rifles.

Abetta Parade


Northern Ireland

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Map showing ARP Post 416, Abetta Parade, Belfast

ARP Post 416, Abetta Parade, Belfast

Abetta Parade, Belfast

In 1939, a Gospel Hall stood between Nos. 9 and 11 Abetta Parade in East Belfast. By 1943, the Second World War necessitated its use as a ARP Post 416.

Residents of Abetta Parade

Hugh Henry Millar

Corporal | 7014297

Corporal Hugh Henry Millar of Belfast died on 7th June 1944 as 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles advanced through Normandy following the D-Day Landings.