Royal Avenue, Belfast

During the Belfast Blitz of April and May 1941, buildings such as the offices of the Belfast Telegraph newspaper on Royal Avenue sustained serious damage.

Royal Avenue



Northern Ireland

Royal Avenue in the Belfast Blitz

Photographers from the Belfast Telegraph captured the aftermath of the Belfast Blitz in 1941 when Luftwaffe bombs devastated the Royal Avenue area.

Royal Avenue, Belfast

Royal Avenue in Belfast showing the entrance to the Grand Central Hotel. The white banded markings on pillars and posts indicate the photo dates from during the Second World War. Photo originally posted on Northern Ireland Historical Photographical Society Facebook group. Copyright unknown.

Victory in Europe: 8th May 1941

VE Day in Belfast, Co. Antrim

PRONI Photograph LA/7/8/HF/3/9: Part of the AR Hogg Collection. Children on Royal Avenue, Belfast, Co. Antrim dress up and take to the streets to celebrate Victory in Europe Day on 8th May 1945.