High Street, Belfast

High explosive Luftwaffe bombs destroyed much of High Street and nearby Bridge Street in Belfast City Centre during the Belfast Blitz of April and May 1941.

High Street


Northern Ireland

High Street in 1939

The following information is taken from the 1939 Belfast Street Directory.

Number First Name(s) Last Name Occupation
1-3 Burton, Montague, Ltd. Tailors
5 Jackson's Ltd. Hatters
7 Under Development
9 True-Form Boot Co. Ltd.
11-15 FW Woolworth and Co. Ltd. General Merchants
17 W Coulter Hairdresser
19 Lipton Ltd. Tea and Provision Stores
21 Under Development
23 Jerome Ltd. Photographers
25 Stylefit Mantles
25 Peter Pan Studio Photographers
25 A Mollan Tailor
25 Northern Ireland Bookmakers' Protection Association
27 John S Shaw and Son Hatters
29 IW Nicholl Ltd. Pharmaceutical Chemists
31 Munster and Leinster Bank Ltd.
33 Vacant
35 Johnston Umbrellas Ltd.
37 Millet's Stores Ltd. Clothiers
39 Ulster Sports Club
39 William Ward Agent
39 Greenhill Brothers Ltd. Coal and Coke Merchants
39 W Cowan Ticket Writer
39 Theosophical Society
39 P Lenfesty Commission Agent
39 Bell and Buchanan Agents
39 EK Cordner Handkerchief Manufacturer
39 International Co-Freemasonry
39 A&J Little House and Land Agents
41 Thompson's Restaurant
43 RL Cochrane Gents' Outfitter
45 Under Development
47 FE Harcourt and Co. Ltd. Coal Importers
47 Phurnod Smokeless Coal
49 Under Development
51 Harris Rundle Consulting Optician
53 J Rea Tea Agent
53 T Henderson and Co. Rent and Estate Agent
53 Vacant
53 A McNeilly Agent
53 T Guy Agent
53 A Rose Agent
53 JB Louden Agent
53 Harris Rundle Workshop and Office
53 T Henderson and Co. Sales and Valuations
53 JH Corry and Co. Linen Merchants
53 WA Corry Manufacturer' Agent
53 AF Sewell Agent
53 William Hitchcock and Co. Wholesale Drapers
53 S Pollock Agent
53 JR Nixon Manufacturers' Agent
53 WR McCord Agent
53 J Daly Agent
53 Pipe Hospital
53 Initial Towel Supply Co.
55 Hoffman's Ltd. Ladies and Gents Hairdresser
57 Under Development
59 AS Ritchie and Co. Seedsmen and Florists
61 Under Development
63 Finlay and Co. Butchers
65-69 Nesbitt and Co. House Furnishers, Auctioneers, and Valuators
71 Vacant
73 HW McMullan and Co. Cigar and Cigarette Importers
75 RA Mackintosh Chemist
77 Francis Curley Ltd. Ladies and Gentlemen's Clothiers
79 M Carson and Co. Wallpaper and Paint Merchants
81 Under Development
83 Robert Walsh and Sons Chartered Accountants
83 The North Of Ireland Trade Protection Association Ltd.
83 Belfast Chamber Of Trade
83 DD Young Corporate Accountant and Auditor
85 Refuge Assurance Co. Ltd.
87 McLean and Son Solicitors
87 F Hunter Undertaker
89 Gilpin Brothers Tailors
91 Under Development
93 FJ Lavery and Co. Estate Agents
93 WJM Stewart and Co. Incorporated Accountants
93 Manhatten Beauty Parlour
93 Kerr and Co. Wholesale Drapers
93 W Armstrong Agent
93 Ulster Employment Bureau
93 L Shapiro Draper
93 J Ferguson Caretaker
95 Gilpin Brothers Outfitters
97 Under Development
99 G Fusco Confectioner
101 Under Development
103 Robert Henderson Under Sheriff of Belfast
103 The Swan Cash Dividend Advertising Co.
105 St. George's Church
107 Eglinton and Winton Hotel
109 Baird Brothers Boot Merchants
2 Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance Society
4-10 Sawers Ltd. Fishmongers, Poulterers, Game Dealers, Fruiterers, Grocers, Provision Merchants
12 The Scottish Life Assurance Co. Ltd.
12 Hollywood Beauty Parlour
12 Northern Irish Trust Financiers
12 Manufacturers' Life Assurance Co.
12 David H Morrow Insurance Broker
12 Leeds Permanent Building Society
12 Devoto and Hassan Coal Importers
12 R Clements Lyttle Photographers
12 H Peyton Builders' Providers
12 G Fink Drapers
12 W Bell Dental Mechanic
12 Lily Kernoghan Millinery
12 M Herman Financier
12 Mason and Woods Financiers
12 Thomas Murdock Caretaker
14 Cliffords (London) Ltd. Tailors
16 Francis Curley Ltd. Ladies', Clerical and Merchant Tailors
16 Shean and Dickson Solicitors
16 T Adams Ticket and Show Card Writer
16 WN Montgomery Solicitor
16 J Steinberg Wholesale Optician
18 R McDowell and Co. Ltd. Watchmakers and Jewellers
20 Walbrook Furniture Galleries
22-24 Mackenzie and McMullen General Drapers
26-32 John Arnott and Co. Ltd. General Drapers
34-36 John Porter Ltd. Ladies' and Gents' Outfitters
38 Singer Sewing Machine Co. Ltd.
40 Ernest Young House Furnishers
42-46 The Lyric Cinema Theatre
48-50 John Currie and Co. Ironmongers, Hardware Merchants, Plumbers, etc.
52 W Jeffrey and Co. Saddlers
54-56 Graham Keegan and Co. Wine and Spirit Merchants
58-60 Co-Operative Trading Co. House Furnishers, Wholesale and Retail Merchants
62-68 The National Bank Ltd.
70 E Forgione Confectioner
72 James Baird and Co. Incorporated Accountants
72 Air-Wat Ltd. Sanitary Cleaning System
72 GC Lepper Solicitor
72 Kilpatrick and Bready Architects
72 Lindsay Haire and Co. Stockbrokers
72 MacDowell and McCormick Estate Agents
72 Campbell and Harden Solicitors
72 J Rodgers Agent
72 Smyth and Rumley Agents
72 Devoto Ltd. Flour Merchants
72 JW Monson and Co. Chartered Accountants
72 AG Burney Agent
72 Royal Lifeboat Institution
72 McMeekin and Co. Tea Importers
72 Moffat and Co. Ltd.
72 The Limmer and Trinidad Lake Asphalt Co. Ltd.
72 J Griffiths Caretaker
74 Vacant
78 J Murray Confectioner
80 Inland Navigation Co.
80 Lagan Navigation Co.
80 James Morton and Co. Agents
80 John McWhir Agent
80 Salvation Army Assurance Society Ltd.
80 Harris and Co. Accountants
80 D Matthews Caretaker
80 Provident Clothing and Supply Co. Ltd.
82 Morrison's Trunk Stores Travelling and Fancy Leather Goods
84-86 R Lynas and Co. Glass and China Merchants
88-90 A Spence Auctioneer
90a Vacant
90b EW Hamilton Wholesale Bedding Manufacturers
92-94 Albert Hotel
96-98 Alex Sloan and Co. Ltd. House Furnishers and Drapers
100 Thomas Patton House, Estate and Insurance Agent and Valuer
100 George A Stewart and Co. Advertising Agents
100 A Robb Manufacturers' Agent
100 T Beattie and Co. Nurserymen, Seedsmen and Florists
102 W Spackman Merchant Tailor and Clothier

High Street in the Belfast Blitz

Photographers from the Belfast Telegraph captured the aftermath of the Belfast Blitz in 1941 when Luftwaffe bombs devastated the High Street area.

Places of Interest

The following places will be of interest to anyone wishing to explore more of the area's Second World War heritage.

Map showing The National Grande Cafe, High Street, Belfast

The National Grande Cafe, High Street, Belfast

62-68 High Street, Belfast

The National Bank Ltd. on Belfast's High Street was one of the only buildings in the area that remained standing following the Belfast Blitz.