Belfast City Cemetery, Falls Road, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Belfast City Cemetery on the Falls Road, Belfast, Co. Antrim is the final resting place of many victims of World War Two and the Belfast Blitz of 1941.

Belfast City Cemetery

511 Falls Road


Co. Antrim

BT12 6DE

United Kingdom

Belfast City Cemetery lies on the Falls Road, Belfast, Co. Antrim. It is one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in the Northern Ireland capital.

Belfast City Cemetery opened in 1869. Opened by the Belfast Corporation, it sought to provide burial plots for people of Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish faiths. There are over 230,000 graves in the cemetery.

A hidden wall 10 feet high runs underground between the Protestant and Catholic graves. This separates residents of the city even after death. Among some of the more renowned burials are James Harland of Harland and Wolff and Thomas Gallaher, the tobacco baron.

Commonwealth War Graves in Belfast City Cemetery

There are 272 World War Two Commonwealth War Graves Commission graves in Belfast City Cemetery. Many others lost during the war have their names remembered on family memorials. Vandals have attacked graves in both Belfast City Cemetery and Milltown Cemetery. Anti-social behaviour in the area has been a problem.

Last NameFirst Name(s)RankDate of DeathGrave
AdairJames SinclairLieutenant7th October 1942Glenalina H-471
AllenJamesGunner5th July 1947Glenalina F1-380
ArcherEdward JamesCarpenter's Mate23rd August 1946Glenalina Y-75
ArmstrongJeannie ElizabethWren21st August 1943Glenalina P1-81
AshHorace HenryPrivate4th October 1945Glenalina BS-1
AshStanley GSteward5th May 1941Glenalina BS-2
AtkinEdwin GeorgeBombardier9th December 1941Glenalina AS-113
BalmerSamuel ThomasPetty Officer24th April 1945Glenalina T1-413
BarrettFrancis CharlesFlight Lieutenant16th March 1942Glenalina AS-121
BarrowmanHenryPrivate20th February 1944Glenalina S1-241
BellWilliam JohnBombardier25th July 1945Glenalina Q-71
BlackAlbertPrivate17th April 1946Glenalina J1-232
BlairErnestGunner8th July 1947Glenalina J1-145
BottrillCharles HenryCorporal24th September 1940Glenalina D-114
BradshawDavidGunner19th March 1946Glenalina Z-390
BrandDaniel ArchibaldFlight Sergeant20th January 1943Glenalina AS-7
BrickleyJohnGunner14th September 1947Glenalina E1-369
BronskiMatthewFireman3rd August 1943Glenalina BS-129
BrookerHerbert MontaguePrivate5th May 1941Glenalina AS-100
BrownDoreen MetaPrivate6th June 1941Glenalina BS-85
BrownHenryStoker 1st Class16th April 1941Glenalina D1-37
BrowneWilliam ThomasSergeant15th April 1941Glenalina R-119
ButlinErnestPrivate6th August 1941Glenalina AS-112
ByronJames GeorgePrivate21st August 1942Glenalina C-54
CabreyJamesGunner28th July 1940Glenalina U1-310
CalvertJohn Harold KnowlesLieutenant10th October 1940I-53
CarsonRobert JamesMarine15th February 1941Glenalina C-55
CartyDanielCarpenter18th October 1941Glenalina D-10
CasserlyNorman JamesSergeant8th April 1943Glenalina AS-13
ChapmanLeslie GeorgeSergeant11th March 1942Glenalina AS-119
ChapmanHerbert James MarriottFlying Officer8th April 1943Glenalina AS-14
ChristianLeonard CharlesPrivate5th May 1941Glenalina W-384
ClarkeJames EdwardLieutenant24th November 1943Glenalina D-26
CobbleEdward WilliamSecond Lieutenant16th April 1941Glenalina AS-94
CoburnAlfred RobertSergeant2nd September 1940Glenalina R-158
ColemanElizabeth JoyceAircraftwoman 1st Class9th November 1946Glenalina Y-29
CollardJames HenryLieutenant29th October 1940Glenalina D-115
CollinsAlfredPrivate4th January 1943Glenalina AS-5
ComishJohn Charles GriffonTelegraphist11th April 1945Glenalina BS-107
CookeGeorge MooreAircraftman 1st Class29th November 1942Glenalina S-74
CoombsFrank MundyAble Seaman15th April 1941Glenalina D-128
CorrySamuelAble Seaman16th April 1941Glenalina T1-139
CoventryDavid PrestonCorporal10th May 1947Glenalina B2-516
CraigJamesLieutenant10th May 1941G2-593
CrawfordRobertGunner13th October 1940Glenalina AS-87
CrimesSamuel GeoffreyLieutenant31st March 1945Glenalina BS-132
CromieDavidGunner1st January 1946Glenalina Y-363
CuthbertsonMary RoseLeading Aircraftwoman1st October 1943Glenalina BS-86
DarraghJoseph JohnLance Corporal21st March 1945Glenalina T-67
DaveyArthur NewtonTelegraphist31st March 1945Glenalina BS-20
DavieArthurAble Seaman20th January 1942Glenalina D-16
DavisArthur ReginaldSergeant15th May 1943Glenalina AS-19
DaweWilliam FLeading Seaman2nd June 1941Glenalina H-114
DegerlundEric Allan VictorPrivate12th January 1942Glenalina AS-115
DewarPercy Charles ThomasFlying Officer25th March 1942Glenalina AS-128
DickieGeorge HornPrivate16th January 1943Glenalina AS-6
DobinsonWilliamDriver24th July 1941Glenalina AS-111
DoddsSamuelPrivate14th August 1943Glenalina J1-552
DolanVictor Frank DouglasAble Seaman20th June 1941Glenalina D-5
DooganArthur WilliamDriver17th November 1945Glenalina Z-13
DoudsSamuelPrivate10th April 1944Glenalina Z-219
DouglasHaroldGunner18th June 1942Glenalina AS-105
DouglasJames MontgomeryFusilier6th September 1947Glenalina BZ-471
DouglasRonald Linton St. ClairCaptain26th December 1943Glenalina B-368
DouthwaiteArthur BondAircraftman 1st Class17th March 1943Glenalina S1-593
DowdsMatthew ChalmersFusilier17th December 1940Glenalina AS-90
DowdsWilliam JamesAircraftman 1st Class25th September 1940Glenalina A1-652
DriscollCharles EdwardRifleman20th July 1941Glenalina AS-110
DunleavyWilliam JamesRifleman10th April 1942Glenalina T1-411
DyerLloyd SydneySergeant5th March 1943Glenalina AS-10
Elder-DempsterAlexanderSecond Lieutenant23rd June 1941Glenalina AS-107
ElliottJohn WilliamFlying Officer16th March 1942Glenalina AS-126
EnnisRobertRifleman16th May 1946Glenalina Z-360
EvansCharles WilliamSergeant19th July 1944Glenalina AS-23
FarrHarold GeorgeAble Seaman4th August 1941Glenalina D-8
FergusonRalphGunner20th August 1941Glenalina T-285
FinneyThomasPrivate16th July 1945Glenalina Q1-298
FletcherGeorgePrivate17th December 1942Glenalina AS-4
FosterJames HendersonLieutenant Commander6th January 1945Glenalina O-81
FosterWilliamSub-Lieutenant24th November 1942Glenalina D-22
FoxSamuel PritchardGunner20th March 1942Glenalina T1-406
FoxWilliamRifleman31st December 1939Glenalina U1-214
FriendJames ThorpeTelegraphist11th April 1945Glenalina BS-106
FryAlbertLeading Seaman13th March 1941Glenalina D-124
FyffeGeorgeGunner30th May 1940Glenalina A-355
GalwayEdwardPrivate3rd August 1946Glenalina J1-50
GeppGeorge GoldingSick Berth Attendant24th August 1944Glenalina N2-546
GibbJohn AllenLeading Stoker8th February 1941Glenalina D-121
GibsonRobert TrevorSergeant12th November 1943Glenalina B-68
GibsonDonald MurrayFlight Sergeant15th May 1943Glenalina AS-17
GillandersJames AlexanderSergeant15th September 1940Glenalina D-112
GoodenoughCarlton StokesFlight Sergeant16th March 1942Glenalina AS-123
GordonDavid SimeLance Sergeant16th November 1942Glenalina AS-3
GrayJohnCorporal21st February 1943Glenalina AS-9
GreerJosephRifleman10th June 1944Glenalina D1-332
GrimshawHenry CrawfordFlying Officer14th July 1943Glenalina AS-22
GuglielmazziLeonCorporal5th May 1941Glenalina AS-103
HalgjemHallvardSailor6th December 1942Glenalina VI-225PR
HallaranCharles Francis George ThomasCommander21st March 1941Glenalina D-125
HamiltonSamuelStoker 1st Class18th November 1940Glenalina D-116
HammondAndrew EdwardStorekeeper27th August 1941Glenalina D-9
HannaRobertLeading Aircraftman6th September 1946O-644
HarrisCharles LoxleyFlight Sergeant15th May 1943Glenalina AS-20
HarrisJohn ThomasLance Corporal5th May 1941Glenalina AS-106
HarrisonChristopher Walter JosephPrivate10th January 1943Glenalina CS-91
HarrisonJamesThird Engineer Officer5th November 1945C2-46
HarveyThomas DouglasMarine9th May 1941Glenalina BS-3
HaweJohnOrdinary Seaman22nd October 1945Glenalina V1-276
HemelrykEdward VMajor5th May 1941Glenalina CS-87
HenryHarrySignalman20th December 1941Glenalina D-13
HerronOwenFireman3rd August 1943Glenalina BS-129
HodgkinsonStanleyGunner10th July 1942Glenalina AS-132
HoltJames HenryRifleman10th June 1940P2-704
HoltJeffrey JamesCorporal6th April 1943Glenalina AS-12
HoltonArthur HenryPrivate5th May 1941Glenalina BS-4
HoodWilliamRifleman10th March 1941Glenalina D1-196
HoughtonGeorge AlfredSub-Lieutenant10th January 1944D-28
HoyEdmund JohnSub-Lieutenant10th April 1945Glenalina D-103
HughesNoraSergeant23rd March 1946Glenalina BS-87
HullAlexanderSergeant26th April 1941Glenalina AS-96
HumphriesJohnGunner30th May 1942I-81
HunterHarold EricFlying Officer16th March 1942Glenalina AS-127
HunterSamuelRifleman27th January 1941Glenalina T1-118
HutchinsonThomasAble Seaman23rd December 1943Glenalina D-23
JacksonArthurPrivate15th May 1942Glenalina AS-130
JacksonStanley ArthurLeading Aircraftman29th October 1940Glenalina L-12
JamesThomasFusilier15th May 1944Glenalina D1-115
JansenJohnSailor13th December 1941Glenalina T1-312PR
JeevesDerrick CSignalman18th January 1943Glenalina CS-92
JeffreyJohn HagganSergeant11th August 1942B1-813
JessopFrederick ArthurSapper23rd April 1946Glenalina R1-367
JohnstonWilliamPrivate2nd September 1947Glenalina 62-473
JonesHarold BeattyAble Seaman11th April 1945Glenalina BS-105
JudgeCharles DennisAble Seaman20th January 1942Glenalina D-15
KainesEdward IsborneLieutenant29th June 1941Glenalina D-6
KarlsenKarl TrygveSailor20th December 1941Glenalina T1-309PR
KayLutherLance Corporal31st January 1942Glenalina AS-116
KeenanNorman ClementsSergeant21st May 1942G-15
KerrRobertLance Corporal15th December 1940Glenalina Q-85
KetteridgeStanley Henry FrederickSignalman13th April 1942Glenalina AS-129
KidgerColinOrdnance Artificer18th April 1941Glenalina D-127
KingGeorge FrederickPilot Officer16th March 1942Glenalina AS-124
KingstonRonald VictorCaptain15th April 1941Glenalina AS-95
KirbyWilliam WilsonSergeant15th May 1943Glenalina AS-18
LackeyJohn CampbellRifleman3rd May 1940J1-359
LanniganThomas WrightGunner16th November 1940Glenalina Q1-162
LightfootAlbert GillianAble Seaman16th January 1941Glenalina D-119
LockhartJamesSergeant26th March 1942Glenalina L-307
LodwickWilliamAble Seaman25th December 1940Glenalina D-117
LoganDavidFusilier4th September 1940Glenalina A-73
LoneyThomasFusilier9th August 1942Glenalina X-495
LowrySamuelFusilier19th November 1945Glenalina D1-179
LucasStanley JackStorekeeper5th September 1940Glenalina AS-86
LuneyWilliamSergeant1st April 1942Glenalina L-347
MacDonaldGeorge RodowaySquadron Leader20th October 1942I-16
MackieArthur Whitley SykesCook24th July 1941Glenalina D-7
MacLeanNormanSailor14th March 1941Glenalina D-1
MaddenJohnGunner7th March 1942Glenalina AS-118
MahoodWilliamChief Petty Officer3rd September 1944Glenalina Q-42
MajureyThomasRifleman3rd June 1940Glenalina S1-312
MarasiFelixPrivate5th May 1941Glenalina W-382
MarshallJohn EsmondSub-Lieutenant13th February 1944Glenalina D-30
MartinGeorge ASergeant28th April 1945B2-341
MartinRonald RichardAble Seaman13th July 1943Glenalina D-25
MartinThomasFusilier10th February 1942Glenalina AS-117
MartinThomas WarnockPrivate25th May 1944Glenalina Z-402
MathersJohn RichardSub-Lieutenant25th November 1942Glenalina D-22
MaxwellGeorgeFusilier7th March 1942Glenalina D1-289
MewhortThomas ArthurAircraftman 1st Class20th September 1942Glenalina AS-1
MiddletonEdwardBoatswain15th September 1940Glenalina D-113
MillsDavidSergeant9th December 1940A2-484
MitchellEdward AlexanderSergeant12th July 1945Glenalina S1-533
MitchellRichardCorporal18th June 1941Glenalina R-130
MontgomeryJames WalkerCorporal6th August 1942Glenalina S-132
MooreWilliam CraigSecond Lieutenant24th September 1943G1-537
MorrisPeter FrankSergeant22nd October 1940Glenalina AS-88
MacDonaldAngus CampbellSeaman5th May 1941Glenalina D-2
McAuleyWilliamPrivate27th September 1940Glenalina S1-302
McBurneySamuel RobinsonGunner25th July 1944Glenalina S1-361
McCarrollFrederick GordonLance Bombardier27th January 1944Glenalina D1-61
McClureThomas ChristopherLeading Aircraftman19th January 1940Glenalina F1-418
McClurgJamesGunner1st February 1940Glenalina S1-483
McCrumWilliam ScottCaptain3rd December 1940N-305
McEwenDennis William AndrewLeading Telegraphist11th April 1945Glenalina BS-103
McIlvennyJamesWarrant Officer Class II17th March 1941Glenalina T-407
McKenzieJohnAircraftman 2nd Class28th April 1946N2-757
McMasterJamesSergeant23rd October 1940Glenalina AS-89
McMullanWilliam NeillSergeant24th May 1943Glenalina G-120
McNeillJohnChief Steward29th July 1940Glenalina A-372
McVeighJames ThomasRifleman11th March 1941Glenalina S1-202
NashWilliam LloydSub-Lieutenant5th November 1945Glenalina BS-127
NiblockFrank AlexanderPrivate7th November 1944Glenalina AS-24
NicholsonJohnChief Steward2nd August 1944Glenalina D-104
NicholsonJohn ArchibaldSergeant26th April 1941Glenalina AS-97
O'HalloranCharlesCorporal27th January 1942Glenalina CS-88
O'NeillFelixStoker 2nd Class14th May 1942Glenalina D-19
OliverJohnSeaman13th January 1945C1-538
OrrJamesSapper3rd October 1940Glenalina L1-218
ParsleyCharles HenrySergeant8th February 1943Glenalina AS-8
PennyClaude WilliamStorekeeper7th January 1941Glenalina D-118
PhillipsHenryWarrant Officer Class I16th April 1941Glenalina AS-93
PickupHarry NormanLance Corporal5th May 1941Glenalina W-385
PolleyEdward VictorLieutenant3rd March 1943Glenalina J-38
PowerDermot MichaelAble Seaman2nd November 1941Glenalina D-12
PriceFrederickPrivate10th January 1947Glenalina A-249
PurdyClifford IrwinCoder13th April 1945Glenalina BS-108
QuireyJohnSignalman15th February 1941Glenalina AS-91
RattrayWilliam RussellPilot Officer11th March 1942Glenalina AS-120
RavenTom HarrisonLieutenant31st March 1945Glenalina BS-131
RelfLyn Edgar LandonSignalman31st March 1945Glenalina BS-130
RendleLeslie Ernest WinstonAble Seaman18th December 1941Glenalina D-123
RichardsRichard C EPetty Officer18th October 1941Glenalina D-11
RobinsonBernard JosephPrivate6th July 1942Glenalina CS-90
RobinsonRobertGunner13th October 1940Glenalina S1-176
RossJohn ReynoldsPrivate5th May 1941Glenalina AS-98
RuburyDonald MeredithPrivate29th October 1942Glenalina AS-2
SandersonCyril Edward RussellPilot Officer29th June 1941Glenalina AS-108
SandersonSamuelSergeant9th August 1940Glenalina H-89
SaundersGeorge J HAble Seaman15th April 1941Glenalina D-126
SchwarzJohn AlanLieutenant1st November 1944Glenalina BS-24
SeawardNorman LeslieStaff Sergeant5th May 1941Glenalina AS-101
SedgewickJohnRifleman27th March 1942Glenalina T1-412
ShawJohnAircraftman 2nd Class9th April 1941Glenalina F1-403
ShawKenneth LawrencePrivate5th May 1941Glenalina AS-104
ShimminAlfred GeorgeLeading Stores Assistant11th April 1945Glenalina BS-104
SilvermanAnthony MyerAircraftman 1st Class16th April 1941Glenalina AS-92
SimsWilliam John CleverlyStoker 1st Class27th April 1945Glenalina BS-19
SlasorWilliamStoker 2nd Class23rd March 1947Glenalina BS-102
SlavinHenryRifleman16th April 1941Glenalina R1-214
SlomanHerbert William ThornleyFlight Sergeant16th March 1942Glenalina AS-122
SmileySamuelCorporal9th December 1943Glenalina O-383
SmithGeorge HenrySkipper4th January 1944Glenalina D-27
SmithGeorge AlexanderOrdinary Signalman10th January 1944Glenalina D-29
SmithSamuelFusilier22nd November 1945Glenalina B2-586
SpenceHughSergeant31st March 1941G2-349
SterlingHenryAircraftman 2nd Class17th February 1946Glenalina T-155
StevensThomas CharlesFlight Sergeant29th March 1943Glenalina AS-11
StewartArchibald Herbert SandersonSergeant5th May 1941Glenalina AS-102
StewartJosephFlight Sergeant22nd July 1941Glenalina T1-233
StoneThomasAircraftman 1st Class21st September 1946Glenalina J1-591
StrachanJames ShermanFlying Officer8th April 1943Glenalina AS-16
TaylorJamesOrdinary Seaman5th May 1941Special Memorial
ThompsonHugh JosephRifleman3rd June 1940Glenalina A-362
ThompsonJamesRifleman7th January 1942Glenalina AS-114
TickellJohn Maurice MendsLieutenant28th August 1942Glenalina D-21
TinsleyErnestGunner22nd November 1940Glenalina S1-191
TraynorJamesGunner9th March 1942Glenalina R-185
TuckerAlfredWarrant Officer Class I20th September 1945Glenalina Y-328
VanceHerbertSergeant20th October 1944Glenalina Q1-330
VidamourVictorCook26th October 1944Glenalina S1-398
VilanouCecilPrivate20th April 1942Glenalina CS-89
WadeLeonard PerrySub-Lieutenant2nd October 1945Glenalina BS-128
WainwrightKenneth JohnSub-Lieutenant3rd August 1943Glenalina BS-129
WardRichard FowlerMajor5th May 1941Glenalina AS-99
WarrenWilliam MontagueLance Corporal28th August 1940Glenalina AS-85
WeirRichardStoker 1st Class12th December 1946Glenalina R-1
WertsGeorge LeslieLieutenant12th June 1943Glenalina D-24
WhiteJohn AlbertTelegraphist31st March 1945Glenalina BS-21
WilkinsonRobert StewartCorporal11th October 1940E-287
WilkinsonJohnStoker 1st Class3rd June 1942Glenalina D-20
WilliamsDouglasFlight Sergeant12th June 1943Glenalina AS-21
WilliamsEdward GlyndwrFlight Sergeant21st June 1941Glenalina AS-109
WilliamsLindsay RossFlight Sergeant16th March 1942Glenalina AS-125
WillisLeonard CharlesCleaner3rd August 1943Glenalina BS-129
WilsonRichardRifleman25th February 1942Glenalina R1-266
WilsonWilliamFusilier2nd September 1945Glenalina T-60
WilsonWilliam AgnewStoker 1st Class12th February 1942Glenalina D-17
WingArthur RobertStoker20th May 1942Glenalina D-18
WotherspoonEric Alexander Lockhart BlairSub-Lieutenant30th March 1946BS-18
WytkinMerle NoelFlying Officer8th April 1943Glenalina AS-15
YoungRobertGunner8th July 1942Glenalina AS-131
Commonwealth War Graves in Belfast City Cemetery

WartimeNI Photo: Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones in Belfast City Cemetery, Belfast, Co. Antrim. Photo taken on tour of Belfast City Cemetery with Peter McCabe in Spring 2017. Copyright Scott Edgar.

The City Cemetery also featured a mass grave of victims of the Belfast Blitz. Many of those killed remained unidentified after the 1941 attacks. A similar mass grave exists in the nearby Milltown Cemetery. An inscription on the City Cemetery mass grave reads:

In sad remembrance of 123 citizens of Belfast, men, women, and children, killed in an air raid by German bombers on the night of Easter Tuesday, April 15th, 1941, and whom no one at that time was able to identify and 31 such so killed on May 4th, 1941. They are buried in this plot. Since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead. We sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.

Belfast Blitz Memorial

Memorial stone on a mass grave in Belfast City Cemetery commemorating the unknown victims of the Belfast Blitz of 1941. Photo taken on tour of Belfast City Cemetery with Peter McCabe in Spring 2017.

Family Memorials in Belfast City Cemetery

These names are inscribed and remembered on family plots in Belfast City Cemetery, Co. Antrim. Remembered are the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and men of the Merchant Navy killed at home and abroad during the conflict from 1939-1945.

Last NameFirst Name(s)Date of DeathGrave
KaneDenis Dermot3rd November 1939M-945
EdgarLeonard23rd May 1940L-242
ScottRobin27th May 1940K-244
McCulloughJohn Edward10th June 1940Glenalina W-36
BoyleJohn15th June 1940Glenalina Q-236
SandersonSamuel9th August 1940Glenalina H-89
CalvertJohn10th October 1940I-53
McDowellFrederick15th October 1940Q-494
HaveronJohn29th November 1940Glenalina E-219
SheeranWilliam James24th March 1941F1-292
BradleyJohn W15th October 1941Glenalina P-91
FisherAlfred Mandale6th December 1941F-430
HutchinsonJohn24th January 1942B-574
KaneBryan Desmond7th March 1942M-945
LuneyWilliam1st April 1942Glenalina L-347
ReidRobert18th April 1942E1-25
JeffreyJohn Hagan11th August 1942B1-813
MacDonaldGeorge Rodway20th October 1942I-15
BartonCharles Henry7th November 1942A2-381
CardwellJames31st December 1942Glenalina O-203
BloomerWilliam Frederick18th February 1943Glenalina H-166
BoydDavid J15th August 1943Glenalina A-217
NeillWilliam Frederick3rd November 1943J-455
NelsonJohn Frederick7th February 1944Glenalina L1-304
BloomerThomas Henry8th February 1944H3-636
JohnstonRobert Irvine25th April 1944J-224
GibsonWilliam1st July 1944Glenalina V-138
LindsayEdward Workman12th August 1944K-346
ConroyWilliam Holt21st August 1944I-550
ParkinsonJoseph Millar12th September 1944G1-215
TaylorWilliam Cummings29th September 1944K-64
MartinGeorge A28th April 1945B2-341
ThompsonKenneth7th April 1945Glenalina N-159
StanleyRobert William3rd June 1945B2-475
BellWilliam John25th July 1945Glenalina Q-71
Lloyd-DoddAlfred Ernest30th July 1945B-19
AlexanderWilliam J13th September 1945Glenalina B-146
WilkinsonGeorge16th October 1945Glenalina L-185
ShealsFrancis Eric4th January 1942A2-4

Repatriated Foreign Nationals

During the Second World War, several foreign nationals including Allied and Axis troops were buried in Belfast City Cemetery. Repatriation of many occurred in the 1950s and 1960s.

If you would like to take a tour of Belfast City Cemetery, we recommend contacting Peter McCabe of Belfast City Cemetery Tours.

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