Bangor New Cemetery, Bangor, Co. Down

Bangor New Cemetery on the Newtownards Road in Co. Down is the resting place of 40 servicemen who served in World War Two as well as victims of the Blitz.

Bangor New Cemetery

62 Newtownards Road


BT20 4DN

United Kingdom

Commonwealth War Graves in Bangor New Cemetery

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists 40 grave plots in Bangor New Cemetery on Newtownards Road, Bangor, Co. Down.

Last NameFirst Name(s)Date of DeathGrave
AhmedShief20th July 1940Section 5X, Grave 23B
BeckettThomas Smith20th July 1940Section 5X, Grave 21
BowmanEric Ritchie24th December 1941Section 4V, Grave 82
CameronCyril Charles22nd October 1944Section 4V, Grave 86
CoffinWilliam8th September 1945Section 5W, Grave 95
ConwayRobert25th December 1941Section 6P, Grave 21C
CookDerek Alfred17th March 1942Section 3L, Grave 1B
DarraghJames27th June 1945Section 5X, Grave 9
DevilleThomas Charles6th May 1943Section 5X, Grave 1
DicksonThomas25th September 1943Section 5W, Grave 79
DuffRobert20th August 1946Section 5X, Grave 35
EllisGeorge7th May 1945Section 4U, Grave 112
KingArthur James23rd April 1941Section 4V, Grave 20
LambHarold18th June 1944Section 5X, Grave 2
MorrisonWilliam John12th April 1944Section 4U, Grave 24
FraserWilliam Elliot15th September 1946Section 4R, Grave 158
GaultWilliam Francis Ernest4th April 1941Section 4V, Grave 39
KennedyHugh16th December 1940Section 5W, Grave 37
LeeEdward19th December 1946Section 1A, Grave 124
MacCallumJohn Evelyn Matier16th October 1943Section 2G, Grave 76
MacDonaldWilliam Moody28th August 1941Section 3K, Grave 160
MacFarlaneAlbert George29th January 1942Section 5Q, Grave 181
MartinEdward20th June 1945Section 3K, Grave 26
MegarryHerbert Reginald18th May 1940Section 4V, Grave 175
MileyFrederick James26th January 1942Section 1C, Grave 86
MillerWilliam Watson24th February 1945Section 4U, Grave 113
OwenEdward Francis19th February 1941Section 5X, Grave 1A
ReubenAlbert Edward10th June 1945Section 5W, Grave 90
RutherfordRobert Henry22nd July 1943Section 2H, Grave 166
SlossFrancis Neville18th June 1943Section 1D, Grave 17
SmithNathaniel Robert14th June 1942Section 4V, Grave 27
StewartThomas16th December 1944Section 4V, Grave 151A
StubbingsBarry John14th March 1942Section 5X, Grave 20
ThompsonErnest Oscar17th November 1943Section 4U, Grave 25
WatsonErnest15th September 1942Section 5O, Grave 82
WilsonRobert Logan28th June 1942Section 4R, Grave 147
WoodsMorrison19th August 1946Section Wall, Grave 369
HamiltonJohn Nelson5th May 1941Section 4V, Grave 41
HollywoodDavid Francis Apperson15th September 1943Section 7Q, Grave 25
MaugherLeslie Henry Willis5th April 1941Section V, Grave 3

Victims of the Belfast Blitz

Five people who died as a result of enemy action on 16th April 1941 are buried in unmarked graves in Bangor New Cemetery.

First Name(s)Last NameDate of DeathGrave
Matilda LillianGrattan16th April 1941Unmarked
Margret ByersWatt16th April 1941Unmarked
RobertWright17th April 1941Unmarked
AngelineGrattan16th April 1941Unmarked
ShelaghGrattan16th April 1941Unmarked
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