Ardboe, Co. Tyrone

Ardboe is a village in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It lies near Cookstown and was redveloped during the 1940s with the building of the Cluntoe Airfield.


Co. Tyrone

United Kingdom

Ardboe is a village in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The village lies within the Cookstown District Council area and is part of a local civil parish that also includes Moortown. It is known for being home to one of Ulster's finest high crosses.

The village lies near Cookstown in a rural area of Co. Tyrone. The name comes from the Irish meaning “place of the high cow”. Legend claims that an ancient monastery on the site was built from the milk of a magic cow that emerged from Lough Neagh.

In 1940, the Royal Air Force drew up plans to develop the Cluntoe Airfield. This changed the rural landscape forever.

Barry Devlin, a screenwriter, and member of the band Horslips hails from the area and wrote the BBC drama ‘My Mother And Other Strangers’ based on stories from the United States Army Air Force’s time in Co. Tyrone.

Cluntoe Airfield, Ardboe, Co. Tyrone

United States Archive Photo. The Royal Air Force hand over Cluntoe Airfield, Co. Tyrone to the United States Army Air Force on 29th August 1943. It was Station 238, Combat Crew Replacement Center. Photo from Fold3. Copyright unknown.

Places of Interest

The following places will be of interest to anyone wishing to explore more of the village's World War Two heritage.

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