Apsley Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Apsley Street lies to the south of Belfast city centre connecting Bankmore Street to Ormeau Avenue. The surrounding area is much changed from the 1940s.

Apsley Street


Co. Antrim

United Kingdom

Apsley Street in 1943

The following information is taken from the 1943 Belfast Street Directory.

Number First Name(s) Last Name Occupation
1 James Morrison Grocer
3 James McClelland Painter
5 J Turkington and Son Painters
7 James Burrell Glazier
9 Margaret Anderson
11 Eliza McKay
13 Miss Isobel Skeats
15 Mrs. Pendleton
17 Hugh McGowan Labourer
19 Hamilton Clegg
21 Lowry Memorial Mission Hall
25 Alma Linton
27 Thomas Campbell Horse Dealer
29 Hugh McConnell Labourer
31 Charles McDonald Joiner
33 Hugh Carleton Labourer
35 John Anderson Joiner
37 William Ewing Labourer
39 Alexander Walker Labourer
41 David Stewart Carter
43 Mary Stewart
45 Sarah Parks
45a Thomas Ewing
47 AJ Streahorn Egg and Potato Merchant
49 Edmund Wallace Conductor
51 Hugh J Lee Brass Finisher
53 Ernest W Smylie Painter
55 WJ Wilson Labourer
57 Margaret McCormick
59 Mrs. M Lowry Grocer
61 Stewart Connolly Labourer
63 Robert Crothers Blacksmith
65 Robert Wallace
67 William Dixon Bricklayer
69 Mary Bingham
71 David Coburn Publican
73 Porter's Memorial Public Elementary School
77 Lees, Hyman and Lees Ltd. Wholesale Furniture Warehouse
2-4 Side Door
6 Mrs. Mehaffey
8 Alfred Sloan Upholsterer
10 David Malcolm
12 Mary Kennedy
14 Emily McArthur
16 Mrs. Annie Preston
18 J McCloskey Collar Cutter
20 C Endecott Attendant
22 A Dickson Linen Lapper
24 John Dean Painter
26 Vacant
28 Mrs. Jane McComb
30 Samuel Starritt
32 Mrs. Mary Crombie
34 Miss Jane Beattie
36 Samuel McCandless Labourer
38 Mrs. Hanna
40 George Hogg Home Bakery
42 Robert Martin Grocer
44 Hugh Kirkwood Grocer
46 William Peacocke
46 Christian Brethren Meeting House
46 Corporation Yard
48 TA Graham Pawnbroker

Places of Interest

The following places will be of interest to anyone wishing to explore more of the street's World War Two heritage.

Map showing Porter’s Memorial Public Elementary School, Apsley Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Porter’s Memorial Public Elementary School, Apsley Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim

73 Apsley Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Porter's Memorial Public Elementary School stood on Apsley Street, Belfast off Donegall Pass. Both girls and boys gathered there for evacuation in 1940.


Lennon Wylie


Co. Antrim