Quartermaster Corps

The US Army Quartermaster Corps is a logistics branch of the Army. Many units within the Corps trained in Northern Ireland before Operation Torch and D-Day.

Quartermaster Depot Q-111 in Northern Ireland


23rd November 2017

On 23rd November 1943, a directive from the US Army established Quartermaster Depot Q-111 at Belfast, Co. Antrim with subordinate depots throughout Ulster.

African-American Troops in Northern Ireland

US National Archives Photo: 8208-AA-46G-1. Black US Army soldiers draw rations at the camp cook house at their station in Northern Ireland. Detachments of black servicemen were among the first arrivals with the American forces in Northern Ireland. Photo taken circa August 1942.

28th Quartermaster Truck Regiment

In the summer of 1942, United States Army troops of 28th Quartermaster Truck Regiment arrived at bases in Co. Antrim in preparation for Operation Torch.

544th Quartermaster Service Battalion

544th Quartermaster Service Battalion, United States Army was a unit of African American troops based in Northern Ireland from October 1943 - February 1944.

4190th Quartermaster Service Company

On 10th February 1944, 4190th Quartermaster Service Company arrived at Springfarm, Antrim, Co. Antrim where they prepared for the invasion of Normandy.

4191st Quartermaster Service Company

In February 1944, 4191st Quartermaster Service Company arrived in Northern Ireland establishing bases in Belfast and Antrim during their time in Ulster.

4192nd Quartermaster Service Company

In February 1944, 4192nd Quartermaster Service Company arrived in Northern Ireland establishing a base and training camp at Springfarm, Antrim, Co. Antrim.

4193rd Quartermaster Service Company

4193rd Quartermaster Service Company, United States Army trained in Co. Antrim before departing to take part in the Normandy Campaign on 5th July 1944.

303rd Quartermaster Railhead Company

303rd Quartermaster Railhead Company, United States Army arrived at Derrymore House, Bessbrook, Co. Armagh in November 1943 to prepare for D-Day in 1944.

3991st Quartermaster Truck Company

3991st Quartermaster Truck Company, US Army established a camp at Springhill House, Moneymore, Co. Londonderry from 23rd December 1943 to 18th May 1944.

3992nd Quartermaster Truck Company

3992nd Quartermaster Truck Company, United States Army established a camp at Ardnaveigh, Co. Antrim on 23rd December 1943. There, they prepared for D-Day.

4010th Quartermaster Truck Company

Preparing for Normandy, the US Army's 4010th Quartermaster Truck Company set up a base in Dundonald, Co. Down between 4th February 1944 and 9th May 1944.

4050th Quartermaster Truck Company

On 1st February 1944, 4050th Quartermaster Truck Company, United States Army set up a base at Lambeg, Co. Antrim where they remained until 6th May 1944.