148th Independent Infantry Brigade

148th Independent Infantry Brigade served in Northern Ireland between July 1940 and April 1942 to counteract the threat of an enemy invasion.

The British Army's 148th Infantry Brigade mobilised as part of 49th Infantry Division on 1st September 1939. Most of the Division had not undertaken sufficient training and was poorly equipped. Because of this, they suffered heavy casualties in the Norwegian Campaign of early 1940.

When most of 49th Infantry Division went to Iceland in the summer of 1940, 148th Infantry Brigade made the journey to Northern Ireland. Later redesignated 148th Independent Infantry Brigade, they fell under the command of British Troops Northern Ireland from 7th July 1940 to 26th April 1942.

150th Field Regiment in Draperstown, Co. Londonderry

Imperial War Museum Photo: H 18493 (Part of the War Office Second World War Official Collection). 150th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, 148th Independent Infantry Brigade Group firing a 25 pounder field gun during Exercise "Dragoon" in the Sperrin Mountains, Draperstown, Co. Londonderry on 1st April 1942. Photo taken by Lieutenant JR Bainbridge - Official War Office Photographer.

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4th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

4th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment joined 148th Independent Infantry Brigade in Northern Ireland in December 1940, remaining until 1942.