Belfast City Cemetery

Belfast City Cemetery lies on Falls Road, Belfast, Co. Antrim. It contains many graves and family memorials to those who died during the Second World War.

James Henderson Foster

Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Commander James Henderson Foster was the husband of Eva Gertrude Foster of Belfast, Co. Antrim. He died on 6th January 1945 aged 40 years old.

William Claude Penny


Storekeeper William Claude Penny died at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, Co. Antrim on 7th January 1941. The 58 year old served on HMS Springbank.

George Henry Smith


Skipper George Henry Smith was an experienced sailor, having first taken to the seas aged 15 years old. He died in Belfast, Co. Antrim on 4th January 1944.

Alfred Collins

Private | 5436506

Private Alfred Collins served with 9th Battalion, East Surrey Regiment when he died in Belfast, Co. Antrim on Home Defence duties on 4th January 1943.

Leslie Ernest Winston Rendle

Able Seaman | D/JX 249360

Able Seaman Leslie Ernest Winston Rendle was born in 1914 in Devon. He died in a tragic training accident in Belfast, Co. Antrim on 18th December 1941.

George Fletcher

Private | 4918522

Private George Fletcher was training with 7th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment in Northern Ireland at his time of death there on 17th December 1942.

Matthew Chalmers Dowds

Fusilier | 3130510

Fusilier Matthew Chalmers Dowds served in 1st Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers when he died on 17th December 1940. His grave is in Belfast City Cemetery.

Albert Gillian Lightfoot

Able Seaman | D/SSX 20226

Able Seaman Albert Gillian Lightfoot served in the Royal Navy. He died on 16th January 1941 when a hand grenade accidentally exploded onboard HMS Broke.

James Thompson

Rifleman | D/24542

Rifleman James Thompson of Belfast, Co. Antrim served in 6th Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles in a Home Defence Role at his time of death on 7th January 1942.