Faraway Home by Marilyn Taylor

'Faraway Home' by Marilyn Taylor is a fictional tale of young Jewish children fleeing occupied Europe. It's inspired by a real-life farm in Millisle, Co. Down.

'Faraway Home' by

Published in by O'Brien Press

  • Historical Fiction
  • Children's Literature
  • Young Adult

First published in 1999, 'Faraway Home' by Marilyn Taylor is a novel that will appeal to adults and young people alike. Although fiction, it draws on the very real Jewish refugee farm in Millisle, Co. Down during the Second World War.

Karl and Rosa are a pair of young Jewish siblings from Vienna. It’s a dangerous time to live as a Jewish person in Austria, and their parents decide to send the children away on the Kindertransport. The young brother and sister end up in Northern Ireland. Rosa stays with a foster family, while Karl finds a safe haven and new home on a farm in Millisle, Co. Down.

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