Episode 10: Open Fire, Dear! An LGBTQ+ war with Michael Fryer

Michael Fryer is the Outreach Officer with Northern Ireland War Memorial in Belfast. He kindly joined us for a special podcast episode to mark Pride Week 2022.

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'A Wee Bit Of War' by Scott Edgar / Michael Fryer

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Running Time: 37:46

  • LGBTQ+ History
  • Social History
  • Military History


  1. Open fire, dear: An LGBTQ+ War


Life changed dramatically across society in the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland during the Second World War. While homosexuality was illegal for men at the time, the British Army often turned a blind eye to same-sex activity during the recruitment process. In later life, many veterans in the LGBTQ community spoke openly about their sexuality. To mark Pride week in Belfast, we spoke to Michael Fryer of Northern Ireland War Memorial to dive deeper into some of these stories.

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