Episode 08: Fashion on the Ration with Rachel Sayers

Rachel Sayers is a historian with a passion for Irish history and the fashions of the 20th-century. She joins us to talk about wartime wardrobes in Ulster.

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'A Wee Bit Of War' by Scott Edgar / Rachel Sayers

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Running Time: 31:55

  • Women's History
  • Social History
  • Irish History


  1. Fashion on the Ration

Fashion on the Ration

On 1st June 1941, the government of the United Kingdom began rationing clothing. As with many events throughout the Second World War, the reality in Northern Ireland was a little different to that of Great Britain. Historian Rachel Sayers joined us to share her passion for 20th-century Irish dress, to talk about women in uniform, GIs and their nylon stockings, and all things fashionable in wartime Northern Ireland.

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