Victory over Japan: V.J. Day celebrations in Antrim, Co. Antrim

In the town of Antrim, locals marked V.J. Day or Victory over Japan Day with a bonfire while the celebrations continued into the next day.

On 15th August 1945, residents of the town of Antrim, Co. Antrim along with many others in Northern Ireland joined to mark the end of the Second World War in the Pacific. The announcement of V.J. Day or Victory over Japan Day was a cause for celebration for many.

The local Apprentice Boys of Derry Memorial Pipe Band paraded to Riverside where a ceremonial bonfire was lit. Singing, playing games, and dancing continued well into the night.

The following day, 16th August 1945, saw crowds of hundreds of locals gather in Church Street. Mr. William Burrowes had made arrangements for a day of celebration and there was much singing and dancing to music from D. Fagan’s Dance Band. In nearby High Street, Mr. John Nutt and Mr. Leslie Allen provided entertainment while gramophones blasted out popular tunes of the time from the premises of Mr. S. Nicholl and Mr. E. Byrne.


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