WartimeNI visit to Berlin in October 2019

No visit to Berlin is complete without taking in the historic sites that remain from World War Two from magnificent monuments to battle-scarred buildings.

In October 2019, WartimeNI returned to Germany's capital city Berlin to enjoy the Festival of Lights. There is much to explore in Berlin for those with an interest in the Second World War. We visited a few sites.

At 0720hrs on Thursday 10th October 2019, we departed from the former RAF Aldergrove, Co. Antrim. This is now Belfast International Airport. Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport was the destination before our travels around the historic and cultural city could begin.

Map showing Detlev-Rohwedder-Haus, Berlin, Germany

Detlev-Rohwedder-Haus, Berlin, Germany

Wilhelmstrasse 97, Berlin

Detlev-Rohwedder-Haus in Berlin is often known as the Air Ministry Building. This imposing example of Nazi-era architecture still stands on Wilhelmstrasse.

Map showing Lustgarten, Berlin, Germany

Lustgarten, Berlin, Germany

Am Lustgaretn 1, Berlin

The Lustgarten is a neoclassical public park on Berlin's Museum Island. Over the years, it has seen many uses from a royal garden to a Nazi parade ground.

Map showing Martin-Gropius Bau, Berlin, Germany

Martin-Gropius Bau, Berlin, Germany

Niederkirchnerstraße 7, Berlin

The Martin-Gropius Bau in Berlin, Germany is a renowned exhibition space. During the Second World War, it was a museum of prehistory and fine Asian arts.

Map showing Memorial to Persecuted Homosexuals, Berlin, Germany

Memorial to Persecuted Homosexuals, Berlin, Germany

Ebertstrasse, Berlin

The Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism stands on Ebertstrasse, on the edge of the Tiergarten, Berlin near to the famous Holocaust Memorial.

Map showing Soviet War Memorial, Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany

Soviet War Memorial, Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany

Strasse des 17 Juni 4, Berlin

The Soviet War Memorial in Berlin's Tiergarten in the centre of the city is one of many poignant reminders of the sacrifices made during World War Two.

Map showing Topography of Terror, Berlin, Germany

Topography of Terror, Berlin, Germany

Niederkirchnerstraße 8, Berlin

Berlin's Topography of Terror exhibition stands where the headquarters of the Gestapo, high command of the SS and Reich Security Main Office once stood.