Presentation of the Mitchell-Hill Cup in Northern Ireland

On 23rd November 1943, Brigadier George Stephen Brunskill presented the Mitchell-Hill Cup awarded to soldiers for gardening in Northern Ireland.

On 23rd November 1943, a group of soldiers won the Mitchell-Hill Cup for their prize-winning vegetable gardens in Northern Ireland.

Brigadier Geoge Stephen Brunskill C.B.E., M.C. presented the trophy. The Brigadier had been in Ulster as Chief Administration Officer, Northern Ireland District since 1st June 1943. Major F.H. Sheppard M.C. accepted the award on behalf of the skillful gardeners.

Presentation of the Mitchell-Hill Cup

Imperial War Museum Photo: (H 34556) (Part of the War Office Second World War Official Collection) Brigadier George Stephen Brunskill C.B.E., M.C. presents the Mitchell-Hill Cup to Major F.H. Sheppard M.C. who accepts it on behalf of soldiers who won the award for their vegetable gardens in Northern Ireland. Photo taken on 23rd November 1943. Copyright Lieutenant J.R. Bainbridge - War Office Photographer.

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