GI Jive Festival, Kilkeel, Co. Down

The annual GI Jive Festival takes place in the Co. Down town of Kilkeel. It features the music and fashion of the 40s along with some WWII reenactors.

Wartime Living History Association

Photos of some of the reenactors from Northern Ireland's Wartime Living History Association at GI Jive Festival 2016.

1940s Food, Fashions, and Music

The GI Jive Festival fashion show and swing dancing competition soundtracked by the vocal harmonies of Swingabella.

War Years Remembered

Some of the World War Two era vehicles belonging to Northern Ireland's War Years Remembered at GI Jive Festival 2016.

Aerial Exhibitions

The skies over Kilkeel, Co. Down filled with the sound of vintage aircraft at GI Jive Festival 2016.