German Prisoners of War in Northern Ireland

5th December 2018

Towards the end of World War Two, there were many German prisoners of war in Northern Ireland in camps and military hospitals across the country,

Camps and Hospitals

Germans in Ulster

Rudolf Blume

Gefreiter • B4534

Gefreiter or Corporal Rudolf Blume served in the German Wehrmacht during the war. Born in Roßlau, he was brought to Northern Ireland as a prisoner of war.

Wilhelm Dalbeck

Oberkanonier • A438606

Oberkanonier or Private First Class Wilhelm Dalbeck served in the German Army and was a prisoner of war in Camp 172, Jackson Road, Holywood, Co. Down in 1945.

Gerhard Geier

Unteroffizier • B19042

Unteroffizier Gerhard Geier served in the Luftwaffe in World War Two. He died at Campbell College Military Hospital, Belfast, Co. Antrim on 25th March 1945.

Wilhelm Jungclaus

Obergefreiter • A811180

Obergefreiter Wilhelm Jungclaus served in the German Navy during the Second World War and was taken prisoner. He was born in Germany on 28th June 1903.

August Kreinbring

Stabsgefreiter • B4246

Stabsgefreiter or Lance Corporal August Kreinbring served in the German Wehrmacht during the war. He was born in Bulzenow in Germany on 17th November 1915.

Herbert Lisser

Obergefreiter • A58170

Herbert Lisser served as an Obergefreiter in the German Luftwaffe during WWII. He died of cardiac arrest caused by war wounds on 22nd March 1945 in Belfast.

Alfred Rinn

Oberfeldwebel • B71040

Oberfeldwebel or Sergeant Alfred Rinn served in the German Wehrmacht during the war. He fought with the Landesschützenzug 23, an infantry defence regiment.

Rudolf Schwarz


Obermaat Rudolf Schwarz served in the Kriegsmarine during World War Two. He died on 29th May 1945 while a prisoner at Orangefield, Belfast, Co. Down.

Friedrich Selbach


Friedrich Selbach served in the German Army during World War Two. He died in a motor accident while being transported with prisoners of war in Larne, Co. Antrim.

Wilhelm Thoene

Gefreiter • B24399

Gefreiter Wilhelm Thoene served in the Wehrmacht, the Nazi military in World War Two. The rank of Gefrieter was comparable to a Lance Corporal in Britain.

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